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The release of the latest American Pie trailer today got us to thinking how much we love a good 90s movie. It was an era that gave birth to a veritable wealth of cinema gold, from cheesy action flicks to even cheesier dramas, with the odd classic in-between. What's not to love about Forrest Gump running for his life, Jack clinging to Kate on a raft or Drew meeting a messy end thanks to a freak, mask-clad caller, after all?

So in celebration of 90s nostalgia, come join us as we wind back the time and take a look at our all-time favourite films from a decade of pure movie magic...

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  • 90s movies we love: Speed

    "There's a bomb on a bus!"

    - Speed, 1994

  • 90s movies we love: Pretty Woman

    "I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna let me go."

    - Pretty Woman, 1990

  • 90s movies we love: Pulp Fiction

    "Don't you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?"

    - Pulp Fiction, 1994

  • 90s movies we love: Edward Scissorhands

    "Before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did."

    - Edward Scissorhands, 1990

  • 90s movies we love: Scream

    "You hang up on me again and I'll gut you like a fish!"

    - Scream, 1996

  • 90s movies we love: Titanic

    "I'm flying, Jack!"

    - Titanic, 1997

  • 90s movies we love: The Fugitive

    "They killed my wife."

    - The Fugitive, 1993

  • 90s movies we love: American Pie

    "I would like to make an announcement. There is a gorgeous woman masturbating on my bed."

    - American Pie, 1999

  • 90s movies we love: Forrest Gump

    "Run Forrest Run!"

    - Forrest Gump, 1994

  • 90s movies we love: American Beauty

    "I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up."

    - American Beauty, 1999

  • 90s movies we love: Jurassic Park

    "Welcome to Jurassic Park!"

    - Jurassic Park, 1993

  • 90s movies we love: Silence Of The Lambs

    "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

    - Silence Of The Lambs, 1991

  • 90s movies we love: Schindler's List

    "We were on the roof on Monday, young Lisiek and I and we saw the Herr Kommandant come out of the house on the patio right there below us and he drew his gun and shot a woman who was passing by. Just a woman with a bundle, just shot her through the throat."

    - Schindler's List, 1993

  • 90s movies we love: The Lion King

    "Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope."

    - The Lion King, 1994

  • 90s movies we love: Thelma & Louise

    "I swear 3 days ago neither one of us would've EVER pulled a stunt like this, but if you'd ever meet my husband you'd understand why."

    - Thelma & Louise, 1991

  • 90s movies we love: The Sixth Sense

    "I see dead people."

    - The Sixth Sense, 1999

  • 90s movies we love: Shakespeare In Love

    "I would not have thought it: there IS something better than a play!"

    - Shakespeare In Love, 1998

  • 90s movies we love: Babe

    "They eat pigs?"

    - Babe, 1995

  • 90s movies we love: Dead Man Walking

    "I want the last face you see in this world to be the face of love, so you look at me when they do this thing."

    - Dead Man Walking, 1995

  • 90s movies we love: Four Weddings And A Funeral

    "Do you think - after we've dried off, after we've spent lots more time together - you might agree not to marry me?"

    - Four Weddings And A Funeral, 1994

  • 90s movies we love: Toy Story

    "What chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure?"

    - Toy Story, 1995

  • 90s movies we love: Jerry Maguire

    "Twenty-four hours ago, man, I was hot! Now... I'm a cautionary tale."

    - Jerry Maguire, 1996

  • 90s movies we love: Se7en

    "This isn't going to have a happy ending."

    - Se7en, 1995

  • 90s movies we love: Boogie Nights

    "Don't just ram it in there like that, this is not a hole in the wall pal, it's Rollergirl."

    - Boogie Nights, 1997

  • 90s movies we love: The Shawshank Redemption

    "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

    The Shawshank Redemption, 1994


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