Dutch game show asks contestants to guess if a woman is “pregnant or fat”

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Hayley Spencer
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From recreational drugs, to prostitution and same-sex marriage, Holland is known for its progressive attitude to almost everything. So, when this new Dutch game show aired earlier this week, it sparked both shock and outrage on social media.

Channel NPO3’s Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee — or, Bring Your Bathing Suit — aired its first episode on Sunday, and it garnered a lot of attention, albeit for all the wrong reasons. And this was largely due to a round in which four male contestants had to guess whether a woman was “pregnant or just fat.”

Other versions of the same round – ostensibly about “laughing off prejudice”, according to the show’s  producers – asked men to stare at a woman’s breasts to guess whether they were fake or real. 

The pilot for the show featured a round where people were asked to identify whether someone was Chinese or Japanese.

Unsurprisingly, those responding to the show on Twitter failed to find any semblance of humour in people being objecitified and belittled by a panel, and were quick to point out the fact that this sexist display was part of a public broadcast.

One female user wrote: "So Kro-Ncrv has a show in which four men for the lolz stare for minutes at a woman's breasts to determine whether they are real or fake. Classy."

While another said: "Are they for real? 'Is she fat or pregnant?' New tasteful show of public service broadcasting #npo3 #njzm"

In a statement the show’s producers said that: “Through these satirical settings, we laugh off all forms of prejudices”. They added that because they commissioned the series as the pilot proved popular online.

The countdown to the show’s cancellation is on…

Image: courtesy NPO3