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Stylist has teamed up with Galaxy® to bring you a verse by actress, poet and feminist Jade Anouka. To mark the centenary of women winning the right to vote, the poem celebrates those who put their rights first and fought for female suffrage 100 years ago. Read on and never forget…

We all deserve to have a voice

Our fundamental right for choice

A hundred years ago for some

A big step for women on how their lives are run.

Their choice,

Their way,

Their vote,

Their right.

But it wasn’t got without a fight.

A milestone being marked nationwide,

And with every goal reached there’s another in sight.

This landmark for women is progress for all,

A right to vote

And a chance to fall.

For a chance to fall is a chance to stand up

And stand up we must,

We must,

We must.

Because being empowered to vote

Is our greatest expression of choice.

An opportunity for fulfilment

And a need to have a voice.

No matter your colour

No matter your creed

Sexuality or gender

It’s the same way that we bleed.

So don’t forget the struggles

And don’t forget the fight

But let’s celebrate all women

And our fundamental right

To vote.

To speak.

To choose.