A place to go please: incredible photo manipulations of cities around the world inspired by their drinking culture

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When you think of London, what springs to mind? Big Ben? Tower Bridge? The Gherkin? Gallons upon gallons of tea? Well, Ireland-based photographer Jason McGroarty has created an exciting project that combines all of the above.

Along with curator Karen McDermott, the pair were inspired by local drinking cultures of cities around the world. 'A Place To Go, Please' features imaginative and exciting photo manipulations, intertwining famous landmarks of destinations across the globe with a tipple synonymous with said place.

The Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral sail on a shot of vodka, and the Manhattan skyline seemingly floats upon a steaming mug of Starbucks coffee. Of course London's drink of choice was a lovely cup of tea, accompanied by a sprinkling of Big Ben and Tower Bridge. No sugar needed here.

Have a look at the entire project below:

London's iconic big ben, tower bridge and the gherkin floating on a cup of tea
The artist has tagged this photo as portraying china
New York
Manhattan's empire state building and statue of liberty stand tall upon a cup of coffee
The eiffel tower gliding upon a glass of red wine depicts a romantic evening in paris
A pint of guinness featuring scenes from ireland
Moscow's famous landmarks bob upon its equally famous drink of choice

All Images: Jason McGroarty

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