A selfie hand, an avocado and a pregnant woman: Meet the new Emoji candidates for 2016

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An avocado, slice of bacon and selfie hand are some of the emojis that are being considered for a new release in 2016.

The Unicode Consortium, the organisation that maintains universal standards in technology and ensures people around the world can use computers in any language, has approved 38 emoji characters as candidates for the next batch of characters on our phones.

Many are based on popular request by users, such as the trendy avocado, a pair of lucky crossed fingers and a shrug.

Others are partners to accompany current gender-specific emojis such as a Mother Christmas, a dancing man and a prince.

The list also features a pregnant woman, which was considered missing from family-themed emoji, clinking glasses and what looks like a terrifying clown, thanks to the creative folks at Emojipedia who have mocked up what these emojis may look like.

Gender matching pairs



Hand Gestures

Food and drink



In order for an emoji to be official, all emoji have to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium. Once they have been approved, it's up to smartphone makers such as Apple, Microsoft and Google to update their software.

Earlier this year the Unicode Consortium released 37 new emoji including a unicorn, slab of cheese and champagne glass, however they are yet to be adopted by current mobile platforms.

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