Age UK’s Christmas advert has a heartbreaking but important message

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Susan Devaney
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With an estimated one million elderly people feeling lonelier at this time of year, UK-based charity Age UK has released a Christmas advert with an important message for the month ahead.

From John Lewis’ friendly monster under the bed to the newly released BBC One animated short featuring a dad and daughter duo, the season of goodwill is officially heralded by the incoming of lengthy, filmic Christmas adverts.

But, while many have a heartwarming tale to share, others are keen to spread a vitally important message.

Age UK – a charity focused on supporting elderly people – has launched its ad, titled Just Another Day, as part of its campaign to promote awareness of elderly people who feel especially lonely during this time of year.

Featuring a man called John, the short film focuses on his everyday life as he leaves the house in the morning, heads to the shops and then returns – all without speaking to a single soul.

Furthermore, his answering machine plays over and over again, but no one rings for him.

He even sticks to his daily routine on Christmas Day, only to be faced with the reality of all of the shops being closed.

The charity has said that around 1.4 million elderly people admit that Christmas Day passes them by and is calling on people to donate to help them tackle loneliness this year.

“Chronic loneliness is not only horrible to experience day in, day out, it can also have a devastating impact on an older person’s mental and physical health. That’s why at Age UK we are committed to being here year round for older people, to help tackle the loneliness that is blighting far too many lives,” explained Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK.

And people on social media have been praising the film for sharing such an important message over the festive season. 

“The Age UK advert has reduced me to tears. It really highlights the isolation that some elderly folk experience day in day out, seems more poignant at Christmas too, time we all started to look out for our elderly neighbours especially at this time of year,” one user wrote. 

“What a great film. Well done, Age UK. Now let’s hope everyone does their bit to make sure the elderly and vulnerable are made to feel wanted and not forgotten,” another user posted.

John has a daily routine of heading to the shops every day - even on Christmas Day

You can find out more about Age UK’s Call In Time befriending service or more information on how you can donate here.

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