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Stylist casts an eye over the amazing species making the headlines this week

  • Dreadlocked Donkey

    Lambada the rare dreadlocked Baudet de Poitou donkey is pictured at a sanctuary in Poitou-Charente, France. While long-haired Lambada is covered head to toe in hair her daughter Azalee, who was born in April, has a closer crop. However, the youngster can rest assured that in time she will look just like mum - with the same luscious locks to be proud of.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Albino Hedgehog

    After a shaky start to life things are now looking up for this rare albino hedgehog. The tiny creature is currently being cared for by the Kuziomski Igliwiak Foundation in Krakow, Poland. The hedgehog centre, which is run by animal lover Andrzej Kuziomski, is the only one of its kind in the country. Dedicated Andrzej mans a 24 hour helpline and ambulance service dedicated to helping injured hedgehogs.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Tiger dog

    A dog whose coat has been dyed to look like a tiger plays a game of fetch with a pine cone in Changchun, Jillin Province, China. The dog was one of two pets who seemingly challenged each other to a swimming competition by begging their owners to throw things into a lake for them to retrieve. The two dogs began to swim faster and faster in an effort to be the first to retrieve their thrown object and get back to the bank. However, the tiger dog eventually had to admit defeat after becoming exhausted.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Cruella the bat

    One-week-old Cruella the baby long eared bat, who is being hand reared at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Somerset, has stolen the hearts of those caring for her. She was discovered abandoned on the ground in Minehead by a member of the public. It is thought that Cruella will be able to fly within four weeks. She will be set free once she's regained her strength.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Horse Riding

    A daring dog rides a shetland pony during the Late Show with David Letterman on US TV.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Otter

    Gariant the baby otter lounges in a deckchair at the Secret World Wildlife Centre in Somerset. At the moment the youngster is only drinking milk and shows little interest in a fish, which will soon be his dish of choice. The furry youngster was brought to the centre after being discovered by builders on a construction site who heard his distressed cries. He will be hand-reared until he is old enough for staff to begin work to remove his imprinting to humans. Once this has taken place it is hoped that Gariant will be released back into the wild.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Piglet

    Polly the piglet poses in her miniature wellies at Edgar's Mission in Melbourne, Australia. Polly received the boots to celebrate taking up residence at Edgar's Mission.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Surfing dog

    A sporty pooch takes part in the Annual Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach, California. A host of canine dudes happily took to the sea in order to demonstrate their skills on a surf board. Four-legged friends taking part competed in either small, medium, or large dog surfing heats. They were judged on a variety of skills, including; the length of their ride, the size of the wave and their confidence on the board. Prizes were then awarded for the top dogs and all pooches received special participation awards.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Yoga bear

    Santra the fitness-obsessed brown bear shows off her impressive morning yoga moves at Ahtari Zoo in Finland. The hilarious display went on for over 15 minutes, much to the delight of visitors. Santra had just woken from a nap when she sat down for the yoga routine - stretching one leg and then the other. She even managed to balance on her bottom and pull both her furry legs up around her ears at once.

    Photo credit: Rex Features

  • Snookum bears

    Orphaned baby snookum bears play in a shoe at the Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park. The bears, who were abandoned by their mother after she gave birth to three babies in one place and three babies in another, are being hand reared in Axminster, Devon.

    Photo credit: Rex Features