Here's why this amazing ASOS jumpsuit is making headlines

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Emily Reynolds
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Fashion company ASOS are often praised for their attempts to make the industry more diverse. 

They don’t airbrush stretch marks, their models are of all shapes and sizes and they show clothes on women of all types. 

And now they’ve made enough step forward for diversity – creating a waterproof jumpsuit designed to be wheelchair-friendly. 

The jumpsuit was the brainchild of BBC reporter Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who told the Victoria Derbyshire show that she emailed ASOS with the idea.

“There’s a lot of people in a chair like myself who get cold easily, water and rain doesn’t help. You’ve got a lap that can get wet to. I thought: I need to do something.” 

“To see the final product I can’t believe that we actually worked in conjunction so much. I thought maybe they’d take it and run with it,” Chloe told Newsbeat.

“You get the same version whether it’s you or I buying it - that’s the point. It is exactly the same for me as it is for you.”

The jumpsuit’s waterproof pockets will come in handy for wheelchair users too, Chloe says. 

“Whether that’s to put your phone in, or you’ve got medication or information you need to have on you in case of emergency, you can have it on you and know that it can stay dry,” she said. “It was just literally those little tiny details that make the difference to people like me.

“We don’t want to have to look like we’re just doing practicality, we still want to be able to look fashionable.”

Unsurprisingly, the jumpsuit has gone down a storm on social media, with disabled and able bodied buyers alike wowed by it. 

“Yes, yes, yes. We do exist. And we buy clothes!” one Twitter user wrote. 

We love it – and hope that other fashion retailers take note, and follow suit. 

Images: ASOS