29 autumn tattoos that capture the magic of the golden season

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A tattoo is akin to a miniature work of art – the biggest difference being that instead of hung on a lonely gallery wall, it can be kept close to you at all times. And when searching for a subject suitably pleasing to the eye, what could be more beautiful to capture on your skin than the most golden time of year?

If autumn is your favourite season, you’ll have even more reason to want to remember it all year round. And one way to do it, and do it in style, is with some ink.

We've searched high and low for the most beautiful autumnal-inspired tattoo designs that truly capture the magic of the months of September to November. Falling leaves, fading colours, woodland animals, nature-based designs and even some nods to Halloween: if there's not something here that seems utterly perfect, we'll bet you’ll at least be able to find some inspiration. 

  • Beware of the autumn people tattoo

    This quote comes from author Ray Bradbury’s haunting tale, Something Wicked Comes This Way Comes, about a touring carnival and the dark folk that travel with it.

    via Pinterest

  • Fox tattoo

    What could be more autumnal than a fox balancing fruit on his head?

    via Pinterest

  • Mushroom tattoo

    This is by far the chicest fungi we’ve ever seen. 

    via Pinterest

  • Autumn tree tattoo

    This tree tattoo perfectly illustrates the changing colours of autumn.

    via @corinnetattoos

  • Pine cone tattoo

    We adore the depth in this illustration-style pine cone tattoo.

    via Pinterest 

  • Pusheen pumpkin tattoo

    Pusheen fans brace yourselves, this pumpkin version is perfect for October. 

    via @spoopytattoos

  • Mushroom tattoo

    With a drawing as delicate as this, you don’t need colour.

    via Pinterest

  • Fox in branches tattoo

    Foxes are the perfect colour to blend in with the reddening autumn leaves.

    via Pinterest

  • Thistle tattoo

    These cooler tones seem to whisper a hint of winter.

    via Pinterest 

  • Autumn bat tattoo

    Not only does this little bat remind us of Halloween, those blackberries are a classically autumnal fruit.

    via Pinterest 

  • Fox in flowers tattoo

    The vivid colours of these wildflowers make this foxy tattoo.

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  • Steaming pumpkin tattoo

    Forget a pumpkin spice latte, there’s no drink more autumnal than a steaming cup of actual pumpkin, as shown in this tattoo.

    via Pinterest

  • Autumnal leaf tattoo

    This intricate leaf tattoo tells the story of the changing seasons.

    via Pinterest

  • Bare tree tattoo

    The faded edges of this naked tree are particularly special.

    via Pinterest

  • Warm drink tattoo

    Warm drinks make us think of snuggly November nights.

    via Pinterest

  • Hedgehog tattoo

    Woodland creatures always seem so at home in autumn, but this flowery, furry friend is extra special.

    via Pinterest

  • Toadstool tattoo

    These flower covered toadstools would look so at home in an enchanted woodland.

    via Pinterest

  • Squirrel two-part tattoo

    We love how this adorable pairing fit together so well.

    via Pinterest 

  • Colours of autumn triangle tattoo

    Love autumnal colours but loathe the classic symbols of your favourite season? This artsy approach could be for you.

    via Pinterest 

  • Halloween inspired cauldron tattoo

    October is home to one of the funnest holidays in the year – Halloween!

    via Pinterest

  • Orange leaf tattoo

    The skillful ombre design on this leaf tattoo gives it a whole new depth.

    via Pinterest

  • Pheasant and brambles tattoo

    This beautiful tattoo shows blackberries at their ripest in the beginning of autumn.

    via Pinterest

  • Acorn tattoo

    Throughout the summer acorns slowly turn from green to brown before falling on the ground as the trees lose their leaves.

    via Pinterest 

  • Pumpkin tattoo

    The scattered leaves in this tattoo make this pumpkin even more fitting for the golden season.

    via Pinterest

  • Autumn leaves and sunflowers tattoo

    We love how the sunflowers leaning into the reddening leaves looks like summer going into autumn.

    via @primaldecor

  • Fanged ghost tattoo


    via Pinterest

  • Leafy pumpkin tattoo

    Not ready for a full-on Halloween-style pumpkin? How about this cute, little fruit instead.

    via @getuptattoosociety

  • Bat tattoo

    This bat may remind us of the spookiest time of year, but we think he’s pretty cute.

    via @leccio51

  • Falling leaves tattoo

    These leaves actually look like they’re falling.

    via Pinterest


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