Ava from The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds is the tiny poet we’ve been waiting for

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We have a new hero, and her name is Ava.

We know The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds is a guaranteed uplifting watch. Yes, there’s the heart-warming feminism of its mini stars and plenty of life lessons, but mainly, it’s a massive helping of ‘kids say the funniest things’ – and that is more than OK with us.

However, the latest episode of the new series of the Channel 4 show (14 November), while still hilarious, also had the world’s smallest poet in the form of adorable Ava and her super sweet turn of phrase (not to mention her frankly beautiful emotional maturity).

Initially, Ava found herself paired up with Harper (who couldn’t remember her name so referred to her as ‘girlfriend’). Asked to discuss love and marriage, the pair waxed lyrical, with Harper saying: “She makes me feel, like, good. She makes me feel like everything.”

Ava then melted stony viewers across the land by replying, “My heart doesn’t feel like it’s breathing when you’re not here.”

Good god, Ava.

Later, discussing friendship, Ava declared that new friends make “happiness shine out of my heart”.

But unfortunately, as with many a great love story, things turned a little sour. Harper got upset that she spoke to another boy, and petulantly broke the flower she’d been given.

Ava wasn’t having any of his behaviour.

And with that, the fairy tale was all but over.

However, our tiny poet was no less eloquent, despite the blow, and said of her former pride and joy: “He’s a little bit, kind of, a little bit mad. Sometimes.

“It’s like my heart’s not beating anymore.”

Neither are ours, Ava.

If her grace with language wasn’t enough to melt the hearts of viewers, her insistence on seeking out loners in the group certainly was.

Welsh Rory, who had previously been persuaded to discuss how much he enjoyed helping out with the sheep on his grandparents’s farm, soon established himself as one of the quietest of the group, lacking the confidence to join in and instead withdrawing to spend time on his own.

But Ava, whose dad described her as a “mighty girl”, didn’t just ask him if he wanted to be friends – she went to the effort of lining up a sheep-based make-believe game to play near him in order to tempt him to join in.

And, dear readers, it worked.

Ava, you broke us.

We’re sure she had more than a hand in enabling Rory to come out of his shell in time for the end-of-week party, where he boldly asked, “Do you want to smell my conker?”

Get this girl a book deal and a gig as a motivational speaker, stat.

Image: Channel 4


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