Avocados are the hot new Christmas tree decoration trend

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The popularity of the avocado knows no bounds. Whether carved into intricate art, taking over whole restaurants or in vegan chocolate (yep, that’s a thing), the creamy fruit is still the food of the decade.

And now, dear avo fans, you can incorporate it into your Christmas celebrations.

Stationery brand Paperchase has released its festive range for 2017, and this year, you can indulge in avocado tree decorations (as seen in the image above, £5.25) and Christmas cards (£2.50).

In fact, you can go hyper millennial this December, with pineapples, succulents and mythical creatures galore.

How about decorating your tree and home with many and varied unicorns?

There are many, many unicorn things

There’s a pink and gold number, a soft felt version, a printed padded decoration and a golden head (complete with horn, of course) for your magical unicorn-themed Christmas tree.

(There’s also a unicorn snow globe, a flying unicorn figurine and a pop-up unicorn card for the truly obsessed.)

For the tree, as well as the pineapple and aubergine pictured in the main image (hello emoji innuendo), there’s a croissant on offer (to represent your love of brunch), a cactus (to celebrate the fact succulents are the only plants you haven’t killed within days) and a flamingo or two (to symbolise, erm, flamingos).

Time for a non-traditional Christmas?

Yes, we did say croissant.


Speaking of cacti, there’s so much we can barely cover it – Christmas cactus wrapping paper, gift bags, tape and crackers are all available, among other things.

Yep, who said Christmas had to be all robins, jingle bells and slightly terrifying plastic cherubs you found in your parents’ loft?

You can have an entirely cacti Christmas, should you so wish

Paperchase isn’t the only retailer offering excellently millennial Christmas goods either: Urban Outfitters has a rather realistic avocado tree decoration on offer (£6), while ASOS can furnish you with Christmassy avocado socks (£5).

We’re aware these things are not exclusively millennial of course, but they’ve come to be associated with a certain generation. And since a Christmas tree adorned with a broken property ladder and blank spaces where the payment for internships should be is unlikely to lead to much festive cheer, we’re happy to go with pastry and succulents.

Dear avocado, it is fair to say we still love you (however much people try to shame us out of it by erroneously linking a delicious brunch item to unaffordable housing. We draw the line at avo lattes though, sorry).

Images: Paperchase

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