This immersive nostalgic pop-up has got us excited for Christmas already

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Got a soft spot for The Snowman? You’re going to like this… 

Saying goodbye to the sun is bittersweet, especially after enjoying one of the hottest summers we can remember. But what we lose in rooftop bars, we make up for in cosy Autumn/Winter activities. Now, we may be barely days out of August but Christmas activities are already being announced, and this one by Backyard Cinema has got us excited.

Backyard Cinema is an immersive viewing spectacular, that last year brought us showings of Baz Luhrmann’s iconic Romeo + Juliet in a church and organised a choir to sing the incredible soundtrack to viewers live. Let’s just say that these people know how to bring a film to life.

And this Christmas they’ll be shining a spotlight on one of the most quintessentially festive films of all time, showing The Snowman, 40 years after it was made. Tissues at the ready.

The Snowman

In case your memory needs jogging, The Snowman is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book by Raymond Briggs which was first published in 1978 and later inspired an animated 26-minute television special on Channel 4. It was first shown on Boxing day in 1982 and was considered an immediate success, and has been a staple part of Christmas time viewing ever since.

The short film is mainly wordless, apart from a haunting rendition of the song ‘I’m walking in the air’ which plays as the two main characters, a little boy and the snowman he built in his garden, play together after a stroke of Christmas magic brings the icy fellow to life.

Backyard Cinema are creating a multi-roomed, multi-sensory cinematic adventure to transport The Snowman fans back in time and to this magical world. Spread out over 5,000 square feet within Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, there will be sets replicating scenes in the film, a showing on a 10-metre-wide, curved LED screen and an opportunity to meet the Snowman himself.

Speaking about the venture, Dominic Davies, Founder and Creative Director of Backyard Cinema said: “It makes perfect sense to team up with Winter Wonderland for our biggest ever show. Where else could be more Christmassy for such a magical and festive creation? We want to give people the chance to enjoy this Christmas classic in a way they could never imagine and have challenged the perception of what it means to watch The Snowman. In doing so, we have created a little bit of magic that everyone can believe in during the show”.

If seeing this childhood favourite come to life would be like having all your Christmasses at once, you’ll be pleased to know tickets are priced at £9.95 and have just gone already on sale, but you’ll have to wait until the event opens on the 22 November to use them. 

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