Blogger slams sexist double standards of parenthood in brilliant Instagram post

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Kayleigh Dray
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There’s no point denying it: when it comes to parenting, men and women are judged by entirely different standards. It happens in Hollywood and in happens to everyone else too.

Now blogger Constance Hall, who has more than 800,000 followers on Facebook, has opened up about her own experiences with sexist parenting critics.

Taking to Instagram, she explained how she had been recently forced to change her daughter’s nappy in the park due to ill-equipped toilet facilities.

Despite ensuring she was far away from members of the public, Hall was soon approached by a woman who told her: "I saw you changing your daughter’s nappy, could you please use the change table next time."

Hall explained the situation to the woman, but admitted that she still “felt like a loser” for being called out over her parenting skills.
A week later, she was at the park with her family when she found herself in the same situation. This time, however, she told her husband, Bill, that it was his turn to deal with the issue.
Just as his wife had done days earlier, he decided to change his child’s nappy right there on the grass. Only this time, when a group of women walked past, they stopped to praise him for being such a “good dad”.

Her words echo that of Bad Moms star Kristen Bell, who recently told NPR’s Scott Simon that she feels mothers face too much pressure to be ‘perfect’.

“When you have a baby, everything in your DNA says, ‘I gotta do this right,’” she said.

“But what should go hand-in-hand in that – and doesn’t often, or it’s not reiterated enough to women – is that ‘and it’s OK if I don’t, because I’m trying and that’s all that matters.’”

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