Bake Off 2019: 23 thoughts I had while watching GBBO episode six

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Helen Bownass
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The Great British Bake Off contestants tackle desserts here’s what we made of episode six. Warning, spoilers ahead…

1. What makes something baking as oppose to just, you know, cooking? Why is making a dessert baking? But making a lasagna not? I wonder what the official classification is?

2. Would one hundred percent like to wear Noel’s jumper to work tomorrow.

3. I have never seen a man wear a loud floral shit, with a tonal tie before Henry.

4. ALSO! What is a meringue cake? Is that the same or different to a pavlova? I love a pav.

5. A mixed spice flavour meringue cake/pavlova sounds like a mistake to us all David.

6. Am invested in Henry’s brooch? Which is what looks like a diamante spider’s web. Wonder what it means?

GBBO 2019: Henry

7. Why are those icing bags are blue? It’s a very unattractive colour! Wow, my level of thoughts are really hitting rock bottom tonight.

8. Noel is very close to Sandi; I wonder what her hair smells like? Fresh fruit I think.

9. Paul has meringue all over his fingers. I wonder if he’ll lick it off? Or if he has a special wiper?

10. Sound the smut klaxon: “You can never have too many nuts”

GBBO 2019: Sandi Toksvig, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood

11. Prue are you allowed to give a handshake? Or is that strictly only Paul’s thing? Have you ever tried?

12. Verrines looks like a posh mini trifle with a biscuit to dip in it. Yum.

13. I wonder if my colleagues see me like Priya: someone who talks all the time? I suspect so.

14. Is that crumbled up digestive on top? I forgot to watch that bit. Is that what they’re calling streusel?

15. I don’t think it’s looking good for Priya tonight, which is disappointing! And her green leopard dress tonight is particularly ace.

16. It’s Michael’s birthday! I know I should be favourite-less but…

GBBO 2019: Priya

17. I can’t stop imagining how stressful it would be if I was trying to make one of those bombes when I had a load of friends over for dinner.

18. Every time they say bavarois, I think they’re saying ‘bad boy’.

19. Watching people trying to eject the bombes from bowls is making me very stressed! There must be an easier way.

20. I love the little in between clips when all the contestants look like actual friends. I need to believe that’s real.

GBBO 2019: Steph

21. Let the records say that I think Steph is the secret winner of the whole show.

22. “I left work a year ago and was a bit stuck, and I just thought I’m going to do the things I enjoy. It’s meant to me if you just start with the things you enjoy you can’t go wrong.”Oh Priya, I’m sobbing too…

23. “Giving the bottom a cheeky wink”. Oh Michael.

The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8pm

Images: Channel 4