Banned Blurred Lines parody back up on YouTube

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There's been a lot of chat re the whole Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video. Mainly because it's sexist. Some have even argued that it reinforces rape myths.

In response to the offensive video, various parodies have cropped up all over the Internet, but none have done it as well as three women studying law at Auckland University, whose mastery of the English language and their ability to rhyme has proved to be the best yet (favourite line: Gotta resist all the gender roles, time to put misogyny on parole).

However, despite thousands of hits, it was deemed far too raunchy (not like the original, eh?) and YouTube decided to take it down.

The video, titled Defined Lines, saw Adelaide Dunn, Olivia Lubbock and Zoe Ellwood take the lyrics of the song and replace them with their own version, as well as using semi-nude men, instead of topless female models in their video.

However, today it was put up again, meaning that you can once again enjoy the video. Bonus points if you spot the Entourage dig.


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