Bar offers discounts to women in high heels, world despairs

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Anna Pollitt
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In possibly one of the creepiest customer incentives of all time, a bar is offering female customers discounts based on their heel height.

Extending the basic sexist concept of “Ladies Night”, where women are granted free entry or drinks in bars as a way to entice spending males, Hilton Osaka’s My Place bar in Tokyo wants female customers work for their discount. The higher their heels, the more money off they get.

The snappily titled “High Heels Ladies’ Night Discount” is a weekly event where it’s actually someone’s job to measure the shoes of female customers. Heels must have at least five centimetres of height to qualify for 10% off, Sora News 24 reports.

Each additional two centimetres earns the lucky woman in question a greater discount. And, get this; heels of 15 centimetres upwards will get the wearer a “top discount” of 40% off. Be still our beating hearts.

Whether you view high heels as an empowering personal style choice or an impractical tool of the patriarchy, this is merely another cynical initiative to control what women wear for the pleasure of men.

Either way, the Hilton’s female customers will vote with their feet.

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