Affordable works of art under £150, for every room in your home

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If like us, you've dreamed of filling your home with wondrous pieces of art, you'll know it comes at quite a price.

Beautiful paintings and rare prints can cost hundreds of pounds, not to mention the price of framing which can often be the same amount as the work itself. 

But a piece of art can transform a room, capture memories and also spark stories. In summary, art should be within the reach of every pocket.

Which is why we put our research skills to the test to see if we can find envy-inducing art that won't break the bank.

While some of the paintings featured are unframed, you can order made-to-measure frames for any size from as low as £26 at

Whether you have a small city flat or a spacious suburban home, we think you'll find something in our pick of sketches, acrylics, photography and prints right here.

  • "French Macaroon Love", by anek

    For the: kitchen
    Size: 11" x 15"

    £30.16 (unframed),

  • "Sunset Run", by Demi Lang

    For the: bedroom, living room, hallway
    Size: 40cm x 40cm

    Approximately £60 (unframed, contact to commission),

  • "Tea With Tiger", by Judith Kerr

    For the: kitchen, lounge area, bedroom
    Size: 23 x 23cm

    £25 (framed),


    For the: hallway, bathroom
    Size: 31 x 31cm

    £115 (unframed),

  • "Bun", by Elizabeth Mayville

    For the: bathroom, bedroom
    Size: 5" x 7"

    £10.05 (unframed),

  • "Kiss", by Dan McDermott

    For the: bedroom
    Size: 28.5cm x 20cm

    £150 (unframed),

  • "The Pink City", by Keri Bevan

    For the: living room, bedroom, bathroom
    Size: 40 x 50cm

    £50 on canvas, £60 with frame,

  • "Nothing comes from nowhere", by Anthony Burrill

    For the: bedroom, hallway or living room
    Size: 51cm x 76cm

    £50 (unframed),

  • "A Pocketful of Rings", by Lola Donoghue

    For the: living room, hallway
    Size: 20" x 20"

    £80.61 (unframed),

  • "Wild Sprigs", by Gooseberrymoon

    For the: kitchen, bathroom or hallway
    Size: 5" x 7"

    £12 (unframed),

  • "Southwold - Beach Huts at Gun Hill", by Lynette Merry

    For the: Bathroom, bedroom or living room
    Size: 35.6cm x 25.4cm

    £30 (unframed),

  • "Kate, after Testino (Madame X)", by Lorna May Wadsworth

    For the: bedroom, bathroom
    Size: 25cm x 25cm

    £100 (unframed),

  • "Courage", by HOUSE OF YVE

    For the: bedroom, hallway, living room
    Size: available in A3 and A2

    £50 for A3 (unframed), £80 for A2 (unframed),

  • "Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe", by Demi Lang

    For the: kitchen, hallway, living room
    Size: 40.5cm x 49.9cm

    £45 (double mounted, unframed),

  • "Flaunt It", by Madeleine Crane

    For the: bedroom, bathroom
    Size: 43cm x 33cm

    £40 (framed),

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