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Spending money updating your home can seem like an expense, because homeware tweaks are just that bit more subtle than, say, wardrobe updates, so you can end up feeling that you might as well keep eating your cereal out of the same old white bowl for ever while buying a new top every week. But the times where items like new cutlery, crockery and kitchenware were a huge investment are long gone, and you can find a lot of great homeware deals on the high street, and even at the supermarket.

From old fashioned cheese plates to curtains that look like bookshelves, we've found out the best purse-friendly homeware items that you can pop in your trolley along with the weekly shop.

Words: Victoria Gray

  • Lampshades, Sainsburys

    This pretty set of lampshades wouldn't look out of place in a cosy tearoom or a quirky bar, but they can be part of your home for just £22.50 (reduced from £30). You'll need to stock up on lightbulbs though!

    £22.50 for three,

  • Two tone throw, M&S

    This soft cotton throw will make a stylish update to an old chair or sofa - without the cost of a trip to the furniture store. And when it gets colder, it will be great to snuggle down under watching TV.


  • 3-cup cafetiere, Waitrose

    Having proper coffee instead of instant is a one-way step to being a grown up. And with a snazzy cafetiere like this, who can resist?


  • Cutlery, Zara Home

    If you won't be investing in silverwear any time soon, why not make get some cutlery that looks a little more interesting? This polka dot set from Zara Home has painted porcelain handles for a touch of elegance.

    £3.99 - £4.99 per item,

  • Floral bedsheets, John Lewis

    These smart bedsheets are floral without being too twee and will add a hotel feel to your bedroom, helping you to happily dream of holidays all night long.

    From £25 for a single set,

  • Casserole dish, Sainsburys

    A cast iron casserole dish is the Rolls Royce of kitchenware - transferable from stove to oven to table, they can last a lifetime. But like most investments, they normally cost a small fortune. Thankfully this one from Sainsbury's is just as trustworthy, but more affordable.


  • Silicon utensils, M&S

    Why have dull wooden utensils when you can have these bright, colourful ones? This pastry brush, spatula and spoon are made of silicon so they can bend into every corner of your bowl or pan, and are easy to clean. What's not to like?


  • Cake stand, Waitrose

    If you're into baking, this pretty pink cake stand is ideal for showing off your latest work - or would make a lovely gift for a oven-mad friend.


  • Gourmet cheese plates, Sainsburys

    Special plates for cheese are a necessity when you eat as much of it as we do, and these charming plates with old-fashioned French style labels are something to whip out and impress visiting guests (or parents).

    £15 for four,

  • Cocktail shaker, M&S

    Are your home cocktails stirred not shaken? Or worse, shaken all over the floor because of that rubbish plastic cocktail shaker you were given at a hen night? Invest in this professional-looking shaker, and your home will become the new drinking hotspot.


  • Pie bird, Sainsburys

    Adding snazzy finishing touches like an old fashioned pie bird seems like an unnecessary expense, but at just £1.50 (reduced from £3 at the moment), you can have the poshest pies around with hardly any extra cost.


  • Moroccan crockery, Zara Home

    This chic dining set will brighten up your table whether you use just one choice item or the whole set. The colourful suns pattern should give an exotic touch to whatever you're eating, from bread to boiled eggs.

    From £3.99 per item,

  • Wall clock, M&S

    This old-fashioned clock looks far more expensive than its £35 price tag. It features Roman numerals on a cream background, and will make an utterly stylish addition to any kitchen or living room wall.


  • Floral cushion, Zara Home

    Bright the outside inside with this pretty floral cushion from Zara Home. Guaranteed to cheer up any old sofa or chair, the watercolour pattern is an easy way to have flowers at home everyday - without constant trips to the florist.


  • Storage tin, John Lewis

    Pinterest has got a lot to answer for - it now seems a necessity to store your tea, coffee, flour, sugar, biscuits and anything else you can think of in chic tins like this. Thankfully, at just £5, it won't prove a taxing update.


  • Rolling pin, Waitrose

    Trust Waitrose to have a range called 'Farmer's Market'. But this dainty rolling pin is a lot nicer looking than the wooden ones lying around our cupboards, so we're sold.


  • Ceramic bowl, H&M

    This bowl will take pride of place if you're creating a shabby-chic look for your home. It's ceramic and chunky, and will also look great to serve crisps and nibbles in if you have guests round.


  • Vase, Zara Home

    Flowers always look better when presented in a smart vase, rather than the old jar you had lying around. Invest in this red, white and grey one from Zara Home, and you may find yourself buying flowers all the time.


  • Soap dispenser, Sainsburys

    A snazzy soap dispenser gives a restaurant-washroom feel to your bathroom, no matter how tiny, so pour your handwash into this smart lavender pump. The same design is also available for other bathroom accessories for a matchy matchy look.

    £2.50 (reduced from £5),

  • Curtain, H&M

    Having a grand library is sadly, a dream only available to those of us with a spare stately home. But these book-patterned curtains will give the impression of vast shelves of books - perfect for those who love reading.

    £12.99 per curtain,


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