The Capture series two: the show’s writer has discussed Shaun Emery’s return

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The Capture, starring Callum Turner and Holliday Grainger

The Capture came to a dramatic end this week, but will there be a second series? The show’s writer has given some heavy hints about what to expect. Spoilers ahead…

Has anyone else out there found themselves confidentially strutting down the street, hands in autumn coat pockets, channelling DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger)? Ah, just me then. It’s perhaps a good thing that The Capture has come to an end, after six very confusing, tense and paranoia-inducing episodes. I’m not sure if we could have taken any more twists and turns, to be honest. 

Before the final episode aired, we had five big questions about the BBC thriller. Let’s take a look at the answers we finally got, and the questions we’re still asking. 

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For anyone who thought that Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock) was still alive, her absence in the finale pretty much confirmed that she is as dead as a door nail. And we can safely says that the public isn’t going to be made aware of the intelligence services’ use of “correction” in counter terror cases… just yet. We also know that Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) was innocent of Hannah’s kidnapping, but guilty of killing a man in Afghanistan. And the jury is still out on whether Danny Hart (Ben Miles) and DSU Gemma Garland (Lia Williams) are good or bad – it all depends on your opinion of “correction”. 

So, we definitely got some big answers. But here are the other questions we’re asking after the final episode… 

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Did Jessica Mallory set up Eli Jacobi as the whistleblower?

Jessica Mallory was sent in from the people at the top of the CIA to “go change Frank’s shitty diaper” (her words, not mine). She lurked in the background for most of the episode, occasionally coming out of the shadows to deliver a sharp quip to Frank Napier (Ron Perlman). But, in one of the final scenes, Frank found out the real reason she had been sent there. Jessica was taking whistle-blower Eli Jacobi (Alexander Forsyth) back to America. She all but confirmed that Eli’s whistle-blowing was planned by people at the top from the start, in order to make “correction” look like a conspiracy theory. It also turned out that most of Frank’s team were in on the plan, which gave Frank a taste of his own medicine of what it’s like to be watched 24/7. 

The Capture
The Capture: was Frank Napier's team was working against him?

How are we supposed to feel about Shaun Emery?

In Frank’s most desperate move yet, he threatened to manipulate CCTV footage of Shaun playing with his daughter. “They will be images that haunt you and your family for the rest of your life,” he told Shaun, before convincing him to turn himself in. Also, after it was revealed that he did in fact murder the man in Afghanistan, Shaun revealed that “justice is catching up with him”. This suggested that he felt he deserved to be put back in prison. For anyone who does still feel a bit sorry for him (he’s a murderer, guys!), Shaun’s daughter, ex-girlfriend and grand dad all know he isn’t guilty of killing Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock) – and they are the only people he cares about at this point. 

Is Shaun Emery’s confession flawed?

While making his confession, Shaun tells DS Nadia Latif that Hannah told him she had a boyfriend. Surely, if this were true, Hannah’s “boyfriend” would have been the first person to be questioned after her disappearance? And yet, we never saw that happen. In fact, it’s the first we hear about her being in a relationship.

What the hell happened to Charlie Bell?

We knew something was fishy when Gemma called an ambulance to pick up Charlie Bell (Barry Ward), who has just been beaten to a pulp by Shaun. It turned out that the “ambulance” took Charlie to Frank’s HQ, where we last saw him being tortured in a room by two burly men. If there is a second series, we doubt Charlie will be making an appearance. 

The Capture: Holliday Grainger as the frustrated DI Rachel Carey.
The Capture: Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) is returning for a second series.

What did Alma Dahmani do with the real CCTV footage?

Towards the end of the episode, we see Alma Dahmani uploading the real footage of what happened on the night of Hannah’s murder. We can’t see what platform she’s uploading it onto and we don’t know what she intends to do with it. But, surely, with this footage still out there, “correction” could still be exposed? 

Wouldn’t Shaun Emery’s daughter tell her mum what really happened?

When Shaun’s daughter is returned to her mum after being kidnapped, why are no questions asked about where she’s been for the past 24 hours? Surely, she would tell the police and her mum that her dad didn’t kidnap her? 

Were Danny Hart and Gemma Garland actually the good guys?

Both Danny and Gemma gave good sales pitches for using “correction” in their security cases. Danny explained that police intercepts and wires taps aren’t admissible evidence in court. That’s why they need to use CCTV – to recreate things that they know have happened with admissible evidence. “Correction turns intelligence into evidence and keeps extremists off the streets,” he says. 

Although he makes a convincing argument, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he has gaslighted Rachel throughout the series, often referring to their affair. He says that her “lack of morals” would make her a perfect recruit for the “correction” fold. Much to the viewers’ relief, Rachel replies: “I’m not the one who was married, I’m not the one who was disloyal!”

The Capture final episode
Will there be a second series of The Capture?

Was Rachel Carey right to join Danny Hart and Gemma Garland?

Rachel’s decision to join the “correction” fold was pretty unexpected, considering how passionately she had been against it. Also, would she really want to work alongside Gemma and Danny? Or does she actually have a new respect for them? Perhaps we’ll find out in another series…

Will there be a second series of The Capture

Ben Chanan, a writer on the show, has heavily hinted that there will be a second series.

“I can’t confirm or deny, I’m afraid,” Chanan told “We’re talking about it and thinking about it… I wish I had more concrete news.”

He continued: “I want to make sure it’s as a good as the first or can top the first, if we’re going to go ahead with it. But I do think we’ve only just scratched the surface of this world – the world of fakery, and what’s possible, and what you can believe in.”

However, he explained that a second series would probably pick up another case that doesn’t involve Shaun.

“I always wanted Shaun Emery’s story to be resolved within these six hours because I don’t like stringing people along. I think people are watching partly – possibly mainly – every week to find out what happened to Shaun. We want to know who’s done this to him, who really took Hannah, who faked the video, and why. And I hope we answer all those questions satisfyingly.”

He added: “Anything’s possible in terms of Shaun, but I definitely think his story arc is complete. He comes to realise what he feels guilty about and what he doesn’t feel guilty about, and we come to realise the truth about what happened in Helmand and also what happened at the bus stop.”

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So its sounds like The Capture could very well return. But for now, let’s just enjoy some nice, relaxing TV instead, yeah?

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