Gorgeous interior and homeware brands that you’ve never heard of

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You’ll be the envy of all your friends after stocking up on these beautifully unique unknown homeware brands. 

Once upon a time, we would have looked to IKEA for help when moved into a new place. Nowadays, though, the homeware stakes are high – really high – and we prefer to blend the basics with unique standout pieces.

Just as we would carefully curate an outfit, expressing ourselves with a mix of textures and colours, we feel the same way about our homes. Not only are we determined to design an interiors concept that feels on-trend and aesthetically thrilling, it needs to be a reflection of ourselves, too.

We’re always on the look out for unique homeware brands to help us achieve this mission. From lesser known artists and international gems, to Instagram brands our friends haven’t heard of, there’s something delicious about being the only person you know to have a new object or piece hanging in your home.

So, to stay one step ahead of the homeware curve, we’ve unveiled the gorgeous interior brands we don’t think you’ll have heard of, but really, really need to.

  • Fee Greening

    Fee Greening is a London-based artists whose admirers reach as far as Alexa Chung and Florence + The Machine. Her detailed illustrations often follow themes of the night’s sky or under the sea, featuring stars and moons alongside coral and pearls. 

    On her website you’ll find a selection of art works and painted trinket boxes, but she’s also just launched a collection of cashmere cushions with Matches Fashion which are divine. 

    Shop scallop shell cashmere cushion at Matches Fashion, £405

  • Lucy Ellis Designs

    Fill your walls with explosions of colour and vibrancy, with art graduate and freelance print designer Lucy’s works. 

    We love how playful her designs are, featuring a mix of cute muses from tiny dogs to peaches. To own one is to have a little pop of joy in your home, and what’s not great about that? 

    Shop Fruity print at Lucy Ellis Designs, £10

  • Kalinko

    After moving to Burma in 2015, the founders of this homeware brand fell in love with the country’s style and attitude to making beautiful objects for the home. 

    Within a year they’d set up Kalinko, so that people all around the world could enjoy authentic, handmade pieces like this rattan lamp, straight from Burma. 

    Shop Pagoda lamp at Kalinko, £110

  • Anna + Nina

    This cool girl brand from the Netherlands caters for all of our greatest loves: fashion, accessories and homeware. With impeccable taste, Anna + Nina taps into all of the most gorgeous trends, offering ice cream-coloured candle holders and sharing plates inspired by the sea. 

    Shop shell plate at Anna + Nina, £44

  • Hôtel Magique

    Creative soul Milou Neelen came up with the idea for Hôtel Magique after happening upon a piece of amazing Japanese golden momi paper while on a trip to America. Back in her Amsterdam studio, she started experimenting with hotel-vibe artwork as a piece for her home, and the idea for the brand was born.

    Shop The Pink Set at Hotel Magique, £21.97

  • Maison C

    Maison C is a wallpaper line founded by artist Costanza Theodoli-Braschi and interior designer Chiara de Rege. Inspired by nature and literature to create a dream-like world on paper, all of the illustrations are hand-drawn and painted by Costanza and printed in an ecologically friendly manner in the USA (all can be bought online).

    Shop Coven wallpaper at Maison C, email for purchase

  • James Wilson

    Looking for a new artist to cover your walls in? We’ve found him. James Wilson’s expressive and striking paintings are inspired by the natural world, the human form and colour itself, and we can’t get enough. All jewellery, prints and products are designed solely by James in his studio based in Brighton, and after seeing his art you’ll be hard-pressed to resist his pendant necklaces.

    Shop Elise with Oranges print at James Wilson, £40

  • Mustard Made

    The premise is simple: Mustard Made makes cool, industrial-style lockers in two sizes and a selected range of pastel colours. That’s it. But by gum, have they got it right. 

    The shorty and the skinny both have adjustable shelves inside and a handle lock-close door, making them perfect for sitting plants on, becoming bedside tables or hideaways for all those bits and bobs making your home a mess. 

    Shop skinny locker at Mustard Made, £229

  • Jackie Diedam

    Jackie Diedam is an independent designer, artist and illustrator whose pastel-washed paintings of the world around her are so on the money. Adorn your walls with her work, safe in the knowledge you won’t see the same prints hanging in your best friend’s house next time you pop round for a wine.

    Shop bed side table print at Jackie Diedam, £20

  • Zurleys

    Zurleys is a family-run business which curates a selection of homewares from all over the UK, hand-picked by the owners to create a stylish shopping selection online. 

    There’s a huge range of products available, from bed frames and coffee tables to lighting and vases. Essentially, it’s a one stop shop for all your interiors needs.

    Shop honeycomb chest of drawers at Zurleys, £610

  • Not Another Bill

    This quirky website might be more a purveyor of gifts than homewares, but it’s a fabulous place to find those little touches that make any home feel lived in. 

    In among the make-up bags and passport holders, you’ll find eccentric animal-shaped candle holders and interesting sculptures, just begging to be balanced on a stack of books on your coffee table. 

    Shop flamingo shakers at Not Another Bill, £14 (in the sale)

  • Society6

    Society6 is home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, selling a huge selections of homewares from curtains and furniture to books and prints. You really can find anything on here, but the great thing is that whatever you do find, it will be unique and from an independent. 

    Shop Peach Lady print at Society6, £19

Images: Mustard Made / Unsplash

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