Best Christmas advent calendars for foodies to buy now

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The best foodie Christmas advent calendars for those who know that seasonal chocolate, cheese, sweets and more is where it’s at.

Christmas is on its way and there’s a lot of debate around how this Christmas will differ from others before, something which is making us all the more eager to get excited early this year and try and make it as festive as possible. One thing we do know, though, is that our love of foodie advent calendars has not wavered for a moment.

You see, if you thought Christmas advent calendars were just for kids then we’ve got some great news for you – there are tonnes of grown-up versions out there, filled with gourmet treats to keep you happily munching away, all through December.

From experimental marshmallow concoctions that even Willy Wonka would have been proud of, to advent calendars stuffed with nothing but cheese – and of course, classics like Fortnum & Mason’s luxury feasting calendar – every morning can be heaven for a foodie armed with one of these. 

Here we’ve gathered some of our favourites together and we’ll keep adding as the build-up to December continues. Merry munching!

  • Cheese advent calendar

    Cheese lovers won’t be able to get enough of this delicious advent calendar which swaps chocolate for cheddar.

    There are eight different kinds of cheddar wrapped in brightly coloured wax coverings, with flavours including: traditional applesmoked, charcoal, caramelised red onion, vintage Munchie’s margherita, orange and whiskey, limited edition Christmas pudding and one secret flavour which is yet to be revealed.

    Shop cheese advent calendar at The Chuckling Cheese Company, £34.99

  • Gourmet popcorn advent calendar

    Christmas films are meant to be enjoyed with the tastiest popcorn and this advent calendar from Joe and Seph’s will supply you with all you need.

    This advent calendar not only tastes great, it looks beautiful too. It opens up like a giant storybook, portraying images of a snowy kitchen at Christmas where the brand cooks up their imaginative popcorn recipes.

    There are 24 doors hiding popcorn in a range of flavours, including: apple and custard, banoffee pie, brandy butter, caramel and belgian chocolate, caramel and white chocolate, cinnamon and custard roll popcorn, classic caramel, double chocolate, gingerbread, mint chocolate, orange chocolate, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, Speculoos, tiramisu, toffee apple and cinnamon, vanilla cheesecake, white chocolate and raspberry, milk chocolate popcorn bites.

    Shop gourmet popcorn advent calendar at Joe and Seph’s, £25

  • Fortnum's feasting advent calendar

    Fortnum & Mason sure know how to do Christmas and this extravagant advent calendar is everything you hoped it would be and more.

    Inside you’ll find: traditional shortbread, earl grey tea biscuits, toffolossus biscuits, salted caramel florentines, orange and champagne marmalade, strawberry preserve, lemon curd, Scottish ling heather honey, rose and pistachio nut butter, Piccadilly piccalilli, Fortnum’s pickle, cranberry sauce, olive oil, English barley vodka, English cassis gin, London white rum, quarter champagne bottle, royal blend tin, earl grey classic, afternoon blend tin, kings blend coffee, ultimate hot chocolate, chocolate caramels selection box, 12 piece milk and dark napolitains, icy mints.

    Shop Fortnum’s feasting advent calendar at Fortnum & Mason, £200

  • Gourmet marshmallow advent calendar

    Toasting marshmallows on an open fire sounds like something straight out of a Christmas romcom. Well, that dream can kind of be yours with this yummy advent calendar, filled with 25 marshmallows.

    There are 12 different flavours including: vanilla bean, candy floss, salted caramel, choc orange, s’mores, mint choc chip, cookies and Cream, choc and honeycomb, fizzy watermelon, bubblegum, fizzy cola bottle and rhubarb and custard.

    Shop gourmet marshmallow advent calendar at The Naked Marshmallow Company, £15

  • Advent luxe biscuit tin

    Why fiddle around with those pesky little doors when you can just dive your hand straight into a biscuit tin? 

    We love Biscuiteers for its quirky, creative designs and that it offers something a little different to the norm – whether that’s a letterbox personalised gingerbread in place of the usual flowers, or this imaginitive advent calendar.  

    Inside you’ll find 24 hand-iced Christmas-themed biscuits, each one with a rich, vanilla flavour. We can tell you from experience, they’re delicious. 

    Shop advent luxe biscuit tin at Biscuiteers, £58

  • Christmas advent calendar tree

    This 3D Christmas tree, which you can build yourself at home, is filled with gourmet vegan sweets to see you through the advent period. 

    It’s packed full of four bags containing 48 sweets, which means you’ll have loads of treats to snack on. 

    Flavour wise, ready your tastebuds for a mix of wild strawberry, sour watermelon, tropical mango and blueberry bliss.

    Shop Christmas advent calendar tree at Candy Kittens, £8

  • Percy Pig advent calendar

    We’ll put our hands up and admit it: we may be fully grown women, but we do love a Percy Pig.

    This Christmas our porky little friend will be making an appearance in advent calendar form, with 24 chocolate pigs hidden behind doors and a packet of sweets, too.

    Percy Pig advent calendars are priced at £5 and will be dropping in stores from 15 September. 

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