Eco-friendly subscription boxes to make being green easier

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Has Earth Day got you thinking about how you can be kinder to the planet? These eco-friendly subscription boxes are delivered straight to your door, so you can make a greener choice, even in lockdown

We’d all like to be more environmentally friendly, but as much as we care about doing our bit, we have to admit that, sometimes, life just seems to get in the way. Unfortunately, our noble intentions don’t always become a reality. 

Not only can sustainable products be harder to source, but lockdown has meant that getting to a wider range of stores is more difficult, too. 

Thankfully, subscription services mean you can get ethical swaps delivered straight to your door, which also helps to keep independent businesses afloat during the pandemic. 

  • Zed Bees for… eco-friendly bathroom essentials

    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Zed Bees
    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Zed Bees

    Toothbrushes, deodorant bottles, cotton buds and toilet paper packaging… there’s a lot of plastic in our bathrooms. However, seeking out plastic-free or more eco-friendly alternatives can often mean trekking to a specialist shop, which is something you can’t always do.

    Let Zed Bees help you, then, with monthly subscription boxes that deliver essentials like hand soap, body soap, shampoo bars, and more to your door. Begin with the starter box for £19 which includes a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tablet tin and organic body loofah before moving onto your monthly subscription which is £10.

    Shop The Monthly Box at Zed Bees, from £9

  • Oddbox for… sustainable fruit and vegetables

    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Oddbox
    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Oddbox

    Oddbox works with farmers across the UK (and from abroad) to rescue fresh, seasonal surplus fruit and vegetables which are at risk of becoming food waste. They’re careful to source locally to minimise carbon impact, collect and recycle packaging and donate any excess food to charities to help end food poverty. 

    A box deemed fit for either single or couple use includes seven varieties of veg and three types of fruit and is priced at £11.49, but there are also options that would suit bigger families.

    The only problem? Oddbox is currently only available in London, so you won’t be able to get a subscription if you live elsewhere in the UK.

    Shop Sustainable Small Fruit & Veg Box at Oddbox,  £9.45

  • Authentic House for… everyday essentials

    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Authentic House
    Eco-friendly subscription boxes: Authentic House

    These beautiful little boxes are stuffed full with bits and bobs – some of which you’d probably have bought anyway and some which you wouldn’t – that are guaranteed to be vegan, sustainable and plastic free. 

    Pens, candles, soaps and coffee, introducing these small eco-friendly changes into your life are supposed to help you get greener without having to put any effort in. Plus, they look lovely too. You can personalise your boxes to come as often as you want, with as many products as you want.

    Shop Monthly Box 3-4 products at Authentic House, £14

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