The funniest, snarkiest tweets of election results night

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Amy Swales

Whether you hardcored it through to morning or dropped into bed at midnight knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist checking news alerts on your phone at 5am, followers of the 2017 general election have a lot to talk about: the mechanics of hung parliaments, how minority governments work, whether the prime minister should resign.

There’s a lot to be serious about in politics, sure. But there’s also a lot of fun to be had scrolling through social media in the early hours as results come in and bleary-eyed interviews are given.

Here, let Twitter guide you through results night as we take you through some of the best, funniest, snarkiest tweets of the evening.

On voting:

On exit pollster and internet darling John Curtice:

On the exit poll:

On Emily Thornberry smashing her interview:

On confusing graphics on news coverage:

On the hung parliament result:

On the possibility of yet another vote:

On election fatigue:

On Theresa May:

On Jeremy Corbyn:

On other candidates:

On non-candidates:

On Brexit:

On running through fields of wheat:

And the final word:

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