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TS Eliot called April the cruellest month but we think January’s going to feel pretty bleak and the only solution is to hibernate with a box set. Check out our selection of the top 25 TV series to snuggle down with and wile away the post-Christmas blues...

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  • Best Ever Box Sets - Sex and the City

    It's easy to forget how groundbreaking and controversial Sex and the City was when it first aired on our screens back in 1998. Four women talking frankly about relationships, sex, careers and yes, shopping, was fresh and new and many viewers found aspects of the characters that they identified with. We loved SATC for the gorgeous shots of New York City as much as the story lines - Manhattan truly was the fifth character in the show.

    £45.50, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - The Killing

    Sofie Grabol's alter ego Sarah Lund and her ever dubious range of sweaters feature in this year's unexpected hit TV series from Denmark. With a brutal murder at its heart, viewers can't help but be swept up in the action as detective Lund goes about unravelling the mystery. You'll be on the edge of your sofa throughout, especially in the gorier scenes.

    £44.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - The Wire

    Gritty and epic, The Wire will spirit you away to the dark echlons Baltimore drug gangs. It's not only the hard-talking cops that make this show a hit, it's also its startlingly honest portayal of a city in the grips of poverty. Your post-Christmas dip will have nothing on the bleak realities of life and crime on the streets...

    £48.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets – 24

    With each series folling 24 hours in real-time, this genius US drama is not for the faint-hearted - or those without much time. As with Pringles, once you pop you won't be able to stop, with multiple fast-paced and tense storylines never failing to thrill. Keifer Sutherland is on fine form as agent Jack Baeur, variously tracking down terrorists just moments before a bomb goes off, a chemical weapon detonates or some other massive catastrophe threatens. The graphic torture scenes have brought criticism for some quarters, but overall 24 is well-deserving of its devoted cult following.

    £49.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Mad Men

    In our opinion, one of the most influential TV series of all time, in just four seasons Mad Men changed the way we dressed (Louis Vuitton and Prada showing collections inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s clothes from the show) and what we drank (Martinis all round.) We can’t wait to see what Don, Betty, Peggy and Joan are up to in Season 5 which airs this spring, but in the meantime we’ll revisit the drama and razor-sharp dialogue with this box set.

    £44.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - House of Elliot

    The House of Eliott was one of our favourite early-'90s TV shows, following the fortunes of the orphaned Eliott sisters, Bea and Evie as they struggled to launch their dressmaking business in '20s London. Behind the gorgeous frocks and love affairs was a serious story about female emancipation and how hard it was for women to forge careers and live independently.

    £40.47, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Brideshead Revisited

    Before Downton Abbey rekindled our love affair with stately homes and aristos, there was Brideshead Revisited. The seminal TV adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's most famous novel saw Jeremy Irons take the part of Charles Ryder, a young man as much in love with the beautiful Brideshead as with its inhabitants, the Flyte family.

    £11.97, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Pride and Prejudice

    It doesn't matter how many times they remake Pride and Prejudice, this will always be the definitive version, with Colin Firth's brooding Darcy sparking off Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth Bennett. A spectacular supporting cast (David Bamber as the odious Mr Collins, Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennett) and Jane Austen's witty dialogue and perceptive observations on love make this one of our all-time favourites.

    £4.72, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets – Angel

    Angel was one of those spin-off series that actually proved to be as good (if not better) than the original. Following the adventures of Buffy's vampire beau Angel, it had everything a fantasy TV show should - hideous demons, fantastic fight scenes and witty one-liners. Plus in Angel's son, Connor, we met Vincent Kartheiser - who went on to play Pete Campbell in Mad Men!

    £49.97, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The '90s was a golden age of teen drama and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the era's best shows. Wisecracking, ass-kicking Buffy, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, and her pals - Giles, Willow and Xander. Buffy's creator Josh Whedon said he wanted to make a show that subverted the cliche of "the little blonde girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed in every horror movie" - in Buffy, the little blonde girl fights back and wins.

    £49.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Battlestar Galactica

    Imagine a world where robots look like humans and are out to get you - in the epic Battlestar Galactica nobody is who they seem. This is sci-fi with heart and soul - a must-see.

    £57.60, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Bleak House

    There’s nothing better than a Dickens classic to snuggle down with during cold winter evenings. This 2005 BBC version starring Gillian Anderson and Anna Maxwell Martin will have you riveted from the out, with its woeful tale of fickle fortune and love set against a backdrop of Victorian England.

    £5.49, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - The Sopranos

    Do you fancy getting under the skin of modern day mafia? Then HBO's mob masterpiece is the answer to your dreams. James Gandolfini is irresistible in the lead role of the morally conflicted Tony Soprano - even though you know he's a baddie, you end up charmed by him. Be warned: once you're in, you're hooked for life on this massively popular series.

    £48.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - The West Wing

    Featuring an all-star cast of heavyweight actors, including Martin Sheen as possibly the most loveable of all fictional US presidents, The West Wing is pure TV gold. Whether it's political intrigue you're after or some really sterling script-writing, this hit US series delights on all levels and really allows viewers to live and breathe the drama, in-fighting and camaraderie at the heart of the White House.

    £48.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets – Dexter

    This multi awarding-winning US series is deliciously dark, with just the right balance of comedy and gore to really keep you hooked throughout. The script is spot-on, the storyline gripping and Michael C. Hall never fails to deliver in the role of the murderous but moral lead.

    £52.97, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Grey’s Anatomy

    Funny, slick and populated by devastatingly sexy "doctors," Grey’s Anatomy shows the rest of us how you really work a medical drama. A long-time staple of US TV, this deliciously satisfying series is all you need for comfort and entertainment on a cold, dark winter's evening.

    £50.97, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Prison Break

    The good-looking line-up is reason enough to get stuck into Prison Break, a high-energy and violent drama following a group of prisoners who - surprise, surprise - want to break out of jail. This is a much more long-winded task than you might first believe and one which can be repeated again and again providing fans with plenty of TV food for thought.

    £40.37, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Friends

    If there's one TV show that came to define the '90s, it's Friends. We couldn't get enough of Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe, with their tangled love lives, improbably amazing apartments and great hair. The fashion might have dated a bit, but the humour and warmth are as appealing today as when this classic sitcom first aired.

    £48.99, buy it here and take our Friends quiz now

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Six Feet Under

    The blackest of all black comedies, Six Feet Under is fully worthy of the huge critical acclaim it attracted in the early noughties. Based within a family funeral home (complete with corpses who speak on occasion), it's both kooky and brilliant, with a sublime script and underlying psychological angle that never fails to compell.

    £48.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - 30 Rock

    It's Tina Fey at her best in this hilarious "docu" sitcom, with a string of ridiculous visual gags set to keep you chuckling at every turn. With guest appearances by Michael Sheen, Matt Damon, Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Aniston, there's plenty of star quality thrown in for good measure as well. Quality entertainment all round.

    £69.85, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Spooks

    Take a handful of MI5 spies working around the clock to stave off various terrorist plots, add in a layer of complicated love affairs, office back-stabbing and brutal deaths and what do you get? Why Spooks of course; the best thing to have come out of the British espionage world since the Cold War (probably). With a series of tantilising plot twists and possibly the highest ever killing-off count of major characters, this fanastic London-based drama never fails to enthrall.

    £79.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Gilmore Girls

    Fans of Dawson's Creek will love Gilmore Girls, which is as gently wry, poignant and witty as that seminal teen show. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are more like sisters than mother and daughter and their relationship is the cornerstone of the show, which is heartwarming and smart and perfect for watching on rainy Sunday afternoons.

    £42.97, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Twin Peaks

    David Lynch’s cult series Twin Peaks has had a huge influence on television since it first aired in 1990, with the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder and the spooky goings-on in the sleepy, all-American town of Twin Peaks fascinating viewers. Our favourite characters were the scheming, stylish Audrey Horne and hunky FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who loved nothing more than a "damn fine cup of coffee" and a slice of cherry pie. Angelo Badalamenti's iconic theme tune is one of the all-time greats too.

    £17.99, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - My So Called Life

    The revival of all things '90s has focused particularly on the single, seminal series of My So Called Life. Over 19 episodes we got to know the teenage Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes, and her friends and family. The show dealt with teenage issues in a smart and sensitive way, and also brought us the archetypal bad boy hearthrob in the form of floppy-haired Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), sigh.

    £5.49, buy it here

  • Best Ever Box Sets - Dawson’s Creek

    We followed the tangled teen romances of Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen through the ‘90s, fascinated by their vast vocabularies and preppy style. While drippy Dawson was ostensibly the hero, we didn’t really care too hoots about his on-off relationship with Joey Potter, finding the chemistry between wisecracking Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and bad-girl-gone-good Jen (Michelle Williams) far more captivating.

    £41.97, buy it here


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