The 20 best female illustrators to follow on Instagram

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Alessia Armenise

Fill your Instagram feed with the coolest ladies that are redefining the illustration world, one drawing at a time…

If your Instagram feed is essentially beauty bloggers, dreamy destinations and all the Kardashian sisters, you’ve landed on the right page. Here, Stylist’s picture editor Alessia Armenise, compiles a curated selection of the best female artists to follow on Instagram. Your scroll will never be the same again.

Erin Aniker

A Turkish-British illustrator based in London, Erin pours her heritage and experiences into her drawings. The result is a mixture of cool, colourful and bold women, impossible to forget.

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Bárbara Malagoli 

Soft but vibrant illustrations are this Brazilian artist’s trademark. In Barbara’s hands, women’s bodies become marzipan-like figures, sweet but also intense.

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Ashley Lukashevsky

Ashley’s subjects look irreverent and fearless, just like the women fighting for equality every single day. A depiction of our society, in technicolor.

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Laura Breiling 

This Berlin-based illustrator is not holding back – putting politics and women’s issues at the center of her work, she surprises and entertains us scroll after scroll.

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Petra Eriksson

If we could use only one word to describe Petra’s work, it would be modern-day glossy. Yes, that’s two words, but look at those images.

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Priscila Barbosa

Priscila’s feed is a celebration of soft and powdery colours. Her work demonstrates that a message can be whispered gently through an image and still be effective…

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Ruby Taylor 

If you need some beauty in your Instagram feed to cheer you up, Ruby’s uplifting work will provide you the colourful help you desperately need. Fun and feminist, just how we like it.

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Abbey Lossing 

This Brooklyn-based illustrator’s caricatured subjects will have you giggling but it’s her gifs that will make you hit follow. Witty and extremely talented, Abbey knows how to catch the eye.

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Marylou Faure 

If you don’t follow her for the striking (and extremely cool) style, Marylou deserves recognition for putting ‘her money where her pencil is’. Head to her e-shop, 10% of all profits are donated to Women’s Aid.

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Camila Rosa

Another incredible Brazilian artist, Camila puts her feminist fight at the center of her work. Girl power has never looked so good.

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Agathe Sorlet

Agathe’s simple drawings are a delicate, sweet and amusing portrayal of everyday life. The little French touch that you definitely need in your Instagram feed.

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Mercedes deBellard

Mercedes’ incredible talent overflows from each one of her portraits. Her stroke is so precise it’s impossible to not recognise the person we are looking at, even in sketch form.

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Jeannie Phan

Between the various (gorgeous) commissioned work, Jeannie’s images are full of plants, cats, tasty food and a good dose of self-portraits. You will want to follow her and probably be her best friend.

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Laura Callaghan

Laura’s women are fearless and unapologetic, so cool you will want to hang out with them. This Irish illustrator will definitely pimp up your Instagram feed.

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Nina Cosford

Nina’s illustrations are adorable and so relatable you won’t be able to contain the laughs. The little drop of happiness that will light up your Instagram feed.

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Monica Garwood

This San Francisco based illustrator depicts our most loved pop culture icons in soft watercolours. From Wes Anderson’s heroins to the Stranger Things kids, you will find your personal favourite.

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Cloé Bourguignon

The vintage flair of Cloé’s irreverent women doesn’t need colours to capture your eye. Her monochrome ladies will get you hooked and probably teach you a bit of French.

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Malika Favre

A star of the illustration world, Malika’s style is impossible to overlook. Her glamorous images are a celebration of French chic – a bold but minimalist work of art.

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Chloe Bennett

Chloe is not here to be politically correct. Her faceless legs and fingers transform themselves in rainbow-coloured objects, animals and more. Impertinent, pop and so good.

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Virginie Morgand

Flashy colour blocks and cheeky looking swimmers. Virginie’s artsy and elegant universe is exactly where we want to live… or, at least, get lost.

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Lead image: Erin Aniker


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