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We’ve rounded up everything you need to watch on Netflix this February, so you don’t have to. 

The days of February may be ever so slightly brighter than those of Janaury, but we’re not quite ready to get off the sofa just yet. 

If you share our sentiments, you’re in for a treat because Netflix has got some cracking new content coming to the platform next month. 

Die-hard Nineties and Noughties fans, we’ve got you covered with some cult classics that you probably haven’t watched since your teens. If you’re looking for something a little more hard-hitting, no fear; there’s a brilliant selection of challenging drama and high-profile interviews ready and waiting. 

Here’s to snuggling up and getting our fill of some truly riveting TV and film this month. 

The original series that you can binge watch in one session:

Altered Carbon: Season 1

Altered Carbon

Imagine a world where death, is no longer a threat. Well, this new Netflix Original series is set 300 years in the future where nothing is permanent – not even meeting your maker. Based on the classic cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K. Morgan, we watch what happens to this digitally-advanced society when consciousness is digitised and human bodies are interchangeable. 

Strap yourselves in for a tale of murder, love, sex, and betrayal.

Launch date: 2 February 

Seven Seconds: Season 1

Seven Seconds

This powerful anthological, female-directed (Veena Sud, The Killing) crime thriller is the one to watch this month. Set in a north-eastern city in America, racial tensions come to boiling point when a white police officer accidentally hits a black teenager and critically injures him. 

The incident acts as a catalyst, leading to an attempted cover-up, explosive aftermath, and the trial of the century leaving justice for the Black community hanging in the balance. You’ll be clinging to the edge of your seat. 

Launch Date: 23 February 

Everything Sucks!: Season 1

Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks! is the newest coming of age story to hit Netflix, treating viewers to a host of talented pre-teen actors and 90s nostalgia. Set in Oregon, USA in 1996, the first season follows two groups of high school misfits who collide with hilarious and thought-provoking results. 

The series stars Peyton Kennedy (American Fable, The Captive) and Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story) as students Kate Messner and Luke O’Neil, with Patch Darragh (Sully, Boardwalk Empire) and Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako (Grimm) as their respective parents.

Launch Date: 16 February 

Coach Snoop: Season 1

Coach Snoop

You’ve heard of Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion, but now let us introduce you to Coach Snoop; the world-famous rapper’s softer side. In this series, the singer, producer and actor shows the admirable work he’s done in an attempt to guide and help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, namely through creating a youth football league. 

This is a chance to see the man behind the music open up about his past, the mistakes he’s made and his commitment to helping future generations make better choices. 

Launch date: 2 February 

The weekly episodes you won’t want to wait for: 

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

David Letterman interviewing Malala Yousafzai

Acclaimed television host David Letterman has resurrected his 33 year career, emerging from retirement with a new lease of life to produce a series of hard-hitting and high-profile interviews which will be released monthly across 2018.

His guests, as the name of the show suggests, need no introduction. From former president of the United States, Barack Obama, to iconic Hollywood star, George Clooney, each interview involves a long-form and in-depth discussion with an extraordinary person.

The best bit? One of Letterman’s first guests in the series will be activist, feminist and Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai. We’ve already got chills thinking about it.

Launch date: 9 February 

Riverdale: Season 2


The first season of Riverdale left the town reeling from the tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines), with many students questioning their own mortality. 

Protagonist Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) has been left with some serious soul-searching to do, while girl-next-door Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) watches him from the sidelines, too scared to make her true feelings known. As ever, secrets are rife in this sleepy town and the popular Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) has some skeletons she’d rather left in her closet, as do the gang’s parents. 

Launch date: 1 February 

The Good Place: Season 2

The Good Place

Our undeniable love for Kristen Bell would be enough reason to tune back into The Good Place, but the fact that it’s well written, smart, witty and has some brilliant character development, definitely helps too. 

If you’re not already familiar with the concept, self-absorbed Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell) lands on her feet when she’s accidentally placed in heaven after meeting her maker, instead of, y’know, the other, considerably hotter place. Determined to stay, she tries to become a better person and learns many a lesson along the way. 

Launch date: 2 February 

Netflix films that deserve your attention:

Irreplaceable You

Irreplaceable You

If you’ve ever put on a film just so you can indulge in a big, ol’ cathartic cry, we think this might be for you. Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Sam (Michiel Huisman) have been best friends since they were children, a friendship that’s blossomed into a beautiful romance and now sees them as a young, madly in love and engaged couple. 

So far, so rom-com. But when Abbie receives a devastating terminal cancer diagnosis their future is shattered - cue us sobbing into a pillow. Determined to put on a brave face until the very end, Abbie starts looking for love again - not for her, but for her fiance who she’s destined to leave behind, with someone else at the ready. 

Launch date: 16 February 

When We First Met

When We First Met

Noah (Robbie Amell) is hopelessly devoted to Avery (Alexandra Daddario). She, however, does not seem to be quite so enamoured with him. Determined to fix this slight blip in his plan for them to live happily ever after, Noah uses a magical photo-booth (which sounds pretty cool, to be fair) to go back in time and re-live the moment they meet in a bid to try and get a fresh start in seducing her.

After not managing to get it quite right the first time, he tries to win over her affections again and again and again, travelling through time repetitively to do so. Hugely romantic or creepy and forceful? We’ll leave that up to you. 

Launch date: 9 February

Awesome films that you can now enjoy on Netflix:

Bring It On: All or Nothing

Bring It On: All Or Nothing

One of the ultimate chick-flicks of the early Nougties, Bring It On: All or Nothing has long left a cheerleading shaped hole in our lives. Starring Solange Knowles and Hayden Panettiere, this is a story of determination, female friendship and the class system in America that will take you right back to your teenage years. 

We can’t wait to rewatch the dance competition finale when Rihanna makes a cameo. 

Launch date: 1 February 

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Finally, this cult-classic has joined the ranks of Netflix, and we couldn’t be happier. Dazed and Confused is the epitome of the Nighties, flaunting a mix of prairie girl fashion and grunge-influenced make-up that we can’t help but want to recreate immediately. 

The story follows a group of teenagers in Texas, USA, who are set on living it up after finishing senior year but the pressures of the ever-approaching college life means that it doesn’t take long before cracks begin to appear. 

Launch date: 1 February 

Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black

Another Nighties classic to be brought into the Netflix fold, Meet Joe Black stars a sickeningly handsome Brad Pitt as Death who learns what it’s like to live as a human. He spends three days in the body of an unfortunate passerby after striking up a deal with a rich business man whose mortality is drawing to a close. 

But what started as a simple experiment gets a lot more complicated when Death starts to enjoy life on earth, and what it feels like to fall in love. This is an interesting personification of a figure so often feared with a particularly poignant ending. 

Launch date: 1 February 

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love

This award-wining film, set in 1593, imagines the relationship between legendary playwright William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) and the daughter of a rich merchant, Viola (Gwyneth Paltrow). But simpering, stereotypical lady of society she is not. This progressive young woman tricks Will into thinking she’s a man so that she can defy the constraints of her gender and act in one of his plays, a role deemed unsuitable for females. 

Expect gorgeous costumes, a searing love story and a stellar cast. 

Launch date: 1 February 

By the Sea

By the Sea

The formerly married, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, act together in this 2015 romantic drama which explores the complexities of the relationship between a retired dancer, and her successful writer husband. 

After taking a trip to the seaside, the couple are forced to confront the insidious grief that is ravaging their marriage and decide if they can carry on together. 

Launch date: 11 February

The Revenant

The Revenant

If you’ve never seen the film that finally got Leo DiCaprio his Oscar, you can now enjoy it from the comfort of your sofa, worlds away from its icy backdrop.

The efforts the cast went through to make this film make it worth a watch for that alone. Tales of the freezing conditions, lack of communication and constant threat of bears that the crew endured are enough to give us shivers. Set in 1823, this semi-biographical epic western film follows frontiersman Hugh Glass’s(Leonardo DiCaprio) epic struggle of survival and revenge after a member of his hunting team murders his young son. 

Launch date: 23 February 

That should be enough to keep you going.

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