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Alice Liveing’s fitness podcast is back to keep you feeling motivated and strong in 2020

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Need some fitness motivation? Alice Liveing has just released Give Me Strength series two to keep you going. Here are seven other highly recommended fitness podcasts for when you’re commuting, out for a run, or doing your recovery stretches (because you obviously do them, right?). 

Two things that are huge right now: podcasts and fitness – specifically strength training for women. And while the former is a great way to learn about the latter, the popularity of them both means we’re totally oversubscribed. So how do you sift through the crappy ‘advice’ to find a show that will actually benefit your health? Easy: let us do it for you. 

The Stylist Strong fitness studio has just opened its doors in London, but sometimes you just need a push to actually motivate your feet to get you there.

Cue: Alice Liveing. The author, personal trainer and fitness influencer has just launched the second series of her popular podcast Give Me Strength. The first episode sees Liveing continuing to explore the importance of building mental and physical resilience with her guest, British boxer and double Olympic champion Nicola Adams.

Future guests include pre- and post-natal personal trainer and founder of Bumps & Burpees, Charlie Barker, who talks about overcoming major adversity in her life including her traumatic experiences of miscarriages. And Liveing will also be joined by Henry Fraser, who bravely shares how he had to reevaluate his dream of becoming a rugby player after a freak accident in 2009 left him paralysed from the shoulders down.

If this has inspired you, Liveing’s podcast is just the tip of the iceberg. These are the best of the bunch, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, learning how to fuel your body or just loving moving a little more…

  • Give Me Strength: The one that will inspire you…

    The lack of encouragement for women in sport means we don’t hear a lot about the people who have achieved their wildest sporting dreams. Give Me Strength by blogger, author and all-round fitness extraordinaire Alice Liveing wants to change this, giving a voice to women at the top of their sport. From football to wrestling, you might just be inspired to try something new when you hear their stories. Her first series included chats with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Bryony Gordon, Martine Wright MBE and Dame Kelly Holmes. So we can’t wait to hear the second offering.

  • Couch to 5K: The one that will get you started…

    Wanting to get fit but the thought of rocking up to a gym clueless is leaving you sofa bound? The NHS Podcasts are where to begin. The Couch to 5K series is now infamous for getting people up and out, but if the potential for spring showers puts you off outdoor exercise then try Strength and Flex. Doing exactly what is says on the tin –getting you stronger and more bendy – the series is made up of five guided sessions designed to be done once a week. 

  • Power Hour: The one that will keep you consistent…

    Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert was inspired by her decision to get up earlier and take some time for herself to train. On her podcast she talks to others in the health and fitness industry who also switched up their routines for the better – think Deliciously Ella and Ferne Cotton – as well as episodes about her own thoughts of how to keep going through your fitness journey. You won’t be able to quit after listening to this.

  • Well Far: The one that will get you running…

    If it’s company while out on your run that you’re after, then tune into Well Far in which journalist and runner Amy Hopkins interviews the best in the business - all while out on a jog. Hear from the people who design the kit that keeps you going, to the expert fitness writers and even Olympic runners. There’s something satisfying about hearing other people’s feet pound the pavement that will inspire you to keep going. 

  • Fit & Fearless: The one that will make you fall in love with exercise…

    Fit & Fearless, a BBC podcast hosted by personal trainers and bloggers Tally Rye, Vicky Spence and Zanna van Dijk, will help you realise the importance of movement. Forget diets and OTT HIIT routines – this podcast is all about how best to move your body because you love it, rather than loathe it. 

  • Ben Coomber Radio: The ones for a no nonsense chat…

    Ben Coomber went from overweight IBS sufferer to one of the most trusted nutritionists in the business – and he tells you how on his podcast. It’s the no nonsense talk we all sometimes need to hear, stripping back the noise of ‘wellness’ trends and reminding us how to exercise and eat for a fit and healthy body.

    In a similar vein, the viral sensation that is that is James Smith recently launched a podcast which he describes as ‘everyday waffle from the fitness industry’s no nonsense personal trainer’.

  • The Food Medic: The one that will help you eat well…

    Doctor, personal trainer, author, blogger (should I go on?) Hazel Wallace launched The Food Medic podcast to ‘cut through the confusing information that we find online’. Although her podcast is about more than just fuelling your body, with episodes on exercise as medicine and the low down on public health campaigns, it’s the food episodes that really stand out. Find interviews with sports nutritionists, eating disorder dieticians and digestion specialists to teach you the truth about food and health.

  • The Dumbells: The one that will make you laugh…

    What do you get when you cross two comedians with a lesson in fitness? There’s no punch line here, we’re just letting you know that you should tune in to The Dumbells, a hilarious but educational podcast that will teach you how to get good lifting form, nail your goals and eat well – all served with a side of jokes. 

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