30 best gins

The 30 best gins (and low-alcohol gins) reviewed by the Stylist team

From Hendricks to Pinkster, there’s a gin for everyone (we know, we tried them all). 

Summer brings many glorious things: BBQs, picnics, long walks, floral dresses and so on. A humble gin and tonic in the sunshine? That ranks pretty high, too. 

Whether you’re a purist and stick to the clear, classic gins, or you’re partial to something a bit more adventurous (there’s so much to discover beyond those sticky pink gins); the Stylist team have gone through the, ahem, trouble, of trying loads for you. 

Ahead you’ll find a comprehensive review of the 30 best gins to buy right now with notes of what to pair them with. Fill up your ice trays, ready your favourite glassware and tickle your tastebuds with the best of our favourite summer spirit. These deserve a spot on your home bar.

  • Fishers Gin Original

    Best gins 2020: Fishers

    Alessia: “It’s very botanical with a strong aniseed taste. This would be perfect with an unflavoured tonic water and cucumber, but if you are a gin amateur I’d suggest you try it” (£39.95, fishersgin.com). 

  • Atopia Wild Blossom

    Best gins 2020: Atopia

    Amy: “Being sober needn’t be a compromise with the fresh apple notes and subtle smokiness. Mix with orange bitters and soda water for a delightful alternative old fashioned” (£24, masterofmalt.com). 

  • Fatty’s Organic

    Best gins 2020: Fattys

    Charlotte: “This is best served with a light tonic and a slice of grapefruit; very refreshing and crisp with notes of dill” (£45, fattysorganicspirits.com). 

  • Aviation American

    Best gins 2020: Aviation

    Colin: “Smooth and subtle, this craft gin casts citrus in a starring role. It’s A-list but cool about it, just like its owner, Ryan Reynolds” (£26.99, shop.proofdrinks.com). 

  • Sipsmith London Dry

    Best gins 2020: Sipsmith

    Francesca: “This kickstarted the Sipsmith brand (and the gin revolution) and quite honestly served with a pink Fever-Tree, lime and ice is an elegant delight” (£29, sipsmith.com). 

  • Cardrona Source

    Best gins 2020: Source

    Charlotte: “It is very strong but smooth and citrus with a hint of coriander. I topped it up after with an elderflower tonic which was just delightful. (£56, cardronadistillery.com). 

  • Bathtub

    Best gins 2020: Bathtub gin

    Megan: “I made some bramble cocktails with fresh blackberries which really highlighted the juniper and sweet orange notes. The coriander is also quite strong so may not be for everyone.” (£31, masterofmalt.com).

  • Ealing

    Best gins 2020: Ealing

    Claire: “Although packing a punch, the 11 botanicals work together in harmony to provide a considerably well-balanced and refreshing flavour” (£44.50, ealingdistillery.co.uk). 

  • Bloom Raspberry & Rose

    Best gins 2020: Bloom

    Jenny: “Pretend like summer is just around the corner (please) by skipping the tonic and topping this fruity number with prosecco” (£24.50, tesco.com).

  • Chase Hedgerow Elderflower

    Best gins 2020: Chase

    Amy: “With elderflowers picked from the wilds of Herefordshire, this sweet, floral gin requires only soda and a slice of lemon to make a fragrant summer cocktail” (£38.50, johnlewis.com).

  • Monkey 47

    Best gins 2020: Monkey

    Michelle: “With full-on juniper flavours, my glass was enhanced with a slice of cucumber and a Thai red curry on the side” (£50, fortnumandmason.com). 

  • Porter’s Tropical Old Tom

    Best gins 2020: Porters

    Meena: “Made in Aberdeen, guava and white tea give this the taste of sunnier climes – garnish with passion fruit and be transported” (£31,shop.theginkin.com).

  • Cambridge Distillery Elderflower

    Best gins 2020: Cambridge Elderflower Liquer

    Sue: “Smooth, subtle and tantalising as it went down – you could try with tonic, but tbh it was fab on its own, and I am not usually a gin drinker! (£29.99, theginkin.com).

  • Canaïma

    Best gins 2020: Canaima

    Gemma: “Enjoy the tangy flavour with grapefruit soda while doing good – 10% of profits go towards reforestation of the Amazon” (£34.45, thewhiskyexchange.com). 

  • Chapel Down Bacchus

    Chapel Down
    Best gins 2020: Chapel Down

    Helen: “The best companion for champagne in a French 75, this gin has hints of elderflower and lemon” (£40, majestic.co.uk). 

  • Hendrick’s Lunar

    Best gin 2020: Hendricks

    Lisa: “Inspired by the moon, this limited-edition gin is light and smooth. Perfect for novice gin drinkers” (£47, harveynichols.com). 

  • 58Gin’s Make Your Own

    Best gin 2020: 58

    Alix: “Choose your own flavours, botanicals and colour and this East London distillery will deliver two personalised bottles to your door – clever” (£99, 58gin.com). 

  • Kokoro

    Best gin 2020: Kokoro

    Hannah: “Sansho berries are the crown ingredient in Kokoro’s light and citrusy London Dry; they also do a subtle cherry blossom liqueur (£30, kokorogin.com). 

  • Zymurgorium Marmalade

    Best gin 2020: Zymurgorium

    Sarah: “I tried this Marmalade Gin neat on ice and the zest of orange really comes through, fruity but still bitter” (£29.95, zymurgorium.com). 

  • No.3 London Dry

    London Dry
    Best gin 2020: London Dry

    Helen: “This has a real bite to it and is jammed with citrusy goodness. Drink with a slice of grapefruit and a stick of rosemary” (£36, bbr.com). 

  • Zealots Heart

    Best gin 2020: Zealots

    Chloe: “Brewdog’s bottle is the perfect gin for tonic and a squeeze of lemon; the simple juniper and citrus botanicals are strong but anything but basic” (£30, brewdog.com). 

  • Portobello Road Butter

    Portobello Road
    Best gin 2020: Portobello Road

    Polly: “Did I expect a butter gin to force its way into my repertoire of go-to gins? In a word, no. But its subtle creaminess complements the clean floral notes” (£30, portobelloroadgin.com). 

  • Seven Crofts

    Best gin 2020: Seven Crofts

    Rosanna: “Opulent in both design and taste, its Highlands heritage is reflected in notes of juniper and hints of warm woodiness. Match with tonic and a slice of orange” (£40, highlandliquorcompany.com)

  • Willow CBD

    Best gin 2020: Willow

    Terry: “Drink this low-alcohol spirit with tonic and ice for a slight taste of pineapple and lime” (£30, thedrinkshop.com), 

  • Haysmith’s Mango & Passionfruit

    Best gin 2020: Haysmiths

    Lauren: “This tropical-flavoured gin is just as refreshing as you’d imagine. Pair it with tonic water to let the fruity flavours do the talking” (£15.99, aldi.co.uk). 

  • Pinkster

    Best gin 2020: Pinkster

    “A crisp-tasting spirit with a delicate hint of fruit. Drink with Franklin & Sons tonic, chuck in a raspberry and a sprig of mint” (£35, pinkstergin.com). 

  • Salcombe Island Queen

    Best gin 2020: Salcombe

    Nicole: “Tropical gin is not a combo I would have ever thought would work, but you’re hit with flavours of pineapple, mango and coconut. This limited-edition bottle is perfect for a gin lover who’s tried everything (£65, salcombegin.com). 

  • Cambridge Distillery Japanese

    Best gin 2020: Japanese Gin

    Sophie: “With shiso leaf, yuzu and sesame, this Japanese inspired gin is great with regular tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit. Or drink straight over ice to really savour the flavours” (£65, shop.theginkin.com). 

  • Silent Pool Rose Expression

    Silent Pool
    Best gin 2020: Silent Pool

    Ella: “This was like jumping into a fresh-water swimming pool. Citrusy, dry and crisp, it’s perfect for all those who have overdone the botanicals recently” (£37, silentpooldistillers.com).

  • Sipling Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic

    Best gin 2020: Sipling

    Tom: “I’m not really one for non-alcoholic pre-made drinks but this was lovely with notes subtle bitterness and classic gin botanicals. Yum” (£19.49 for six, sipling.com). 


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