This gin is officially the best in Europe – and it's from the UK

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“Beloved, we join hands here to pray for gin. An aridity defiles us. Our innards thirst for the juice of juniper…” 

Wallace Thurman’s Infants of Spring waxes lyrical about mother’s ruin – and it’s easy to see why. Packed to the brim with heady botanicals, our favourite tipple also boasts numerous health benefits. And, now that there are so many flavoured versions available, there’s definitely a gin to ginspire each and every one of us.

But, when it comes to deciding which gin is the ultimate best, things get a little tricky. How can we choose, when everything tastes so delicious?

Thank goodness, then, that someone else has made the choice for us.

The Craft Distilling Expo 2016 saw a team of high-profile judges test out over 50 gins, selected from countries across Europe, including France, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. They sipped, they savoured, and they selected their absolute favourite – and, as it turns out, the best of the best heralds from the UK’s very own Nottinghamshire.

Wayne Asher, a former plumber, launched Redsmith London Dry Gin in May earlier this year – and the judges were extremely impressed, praising his “unpretentious classic style” and insisting his take on the classic drink is “gin as it should be”.

Asher told the Nottingham Post that he was “delighted” to receive the award for his small-scale distillery (which is located in an old barn in Ruddington).

However, producing just 65 bottles per distillation run, it's likely Asher will need to increase production in light of his new accolade.

The 49 year old, when asked about his recipe, remained coy, saying: “My gin is a classic London dry gin, a very fragrant, bright spirit. There are nine botanicals including coriander and juniper.

“I keep the recipe a secret and will even more so ever since winning.”

If you’d like to sample a bottle of Redsmith London Dry Gin (tinctured with Peter Spanton No 9 cardamom tonic water, naturally) for yourself, you’ll need to visit Weavers in Nottingham, as they have the exclusive selling rights.

Don’t fancy the journey? You’re in luck; they also have a website where you can place orders online.

A bottle of Europe’s Classic Gin of the Year 2016 will set you back £39.95 – and with experts praising that smooth and aromatic finish, it’s sure to be worth every single penny.



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