Best hobbies to do at home while self-isolating

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After months of quarantine, we’re running out of creative ideas to keep ourselves entertained. Luckily for us, this survey of the UK’s favourite hobbies has given us lots of inspiration – and each one can be done from the safety of your home. Now, pass the knitting needles

At first the idea of working from home, getting some early nights and the chance to read that book you never got around to starting didn’t sound too bad. But as we’re currently in round two of lockdown, every day is starting to feel the same and we’ve exhausted pretty much everything Netflix (and our bookshelves) has to offer.

It seems, though, that the answer has been in front of us all along. In a non coronavirus-related study, Love Crafts (a community for crafters and makers) has surveyed 5,000 of its members to find out which hobbies make them feel happiest. 

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We think you’ll agree that we could all do with a little ray of sunshine in this strange time, so what better inspiration to keep ourselves busy than joy-inducing hobbies you can do at home? Because that’s the best news: all the top results are things you can do inside and won’t put you or anyone else at harm while COVID-19 is lurking about.

Coming top of the list is baking (check out some of our favourite recipes) with knitting in second place, something which has seen a revival in the last few years.

Creative pastimes like painting and photography are all also popular. While gardening, which could be done in your own garden or tending to plants and seeds inside, is especially relevant at the moment thanks to its proven ability to calm us down and boost mood

Best hobbies to do at home

Below, you can find some of the best creative hobbies as rated by Love Crafts users and a few of our own ideas to give you some inspiration and handy craft kits to help you try them for yourself. 

  • Candle making

    Candles are certainly having a moment, but if you want to get really hands-on with the trend, have a go at making your own. 

    This beautiful kit from Hazel and Blues Candles on Etsy is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable and are inspired by nature and the benefits of using natural ingredients. 

    You can choose between fragrance oils or essential oils for your kit, but whichever you go for, they’ve been put together to help you feel revived and uplifted with a sense of energy and reawakening.

    Each kit includes two recyclable 120ml amber glass containers, two recyclable aluminium lids, natural 100% vegan soy wax, vegan-friendly fragrance oil or pure essential oils, two cotton and linen wicks, two wick stabilisers, two personalised candle labels, an instruction card, a link to a video tutorial and a positive quote card.

    Shop revive & uplift soy candle making kit by Hazel and Blue Candles at Etsy, £28

  • Baking

    Best creative hobbies to do at home

    A favourite pastime throughout lockdown, of course, has been banana bread. But, if you’re not an experienced baker and want to give it a go, using a pre-made mix might help you get on your feet.

    We love this pre-made banana loaf mix by Superfood Bakery because it’s made with natural, organic ingredients and is vegan-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free. Just add three mashed bananas and butter (or an alternative) and you’re practically ready to go. All you need now is some beautiful bakeware to cook it in. 

    Shop banana loaf mix at Superfood Bakery, £4.99

  • Knitting

    Best creative hobbies to do at home

    The great thing about knitting is that it’s such a versatile pastime. With both hands occupied you can take this time to be mindful and be present in the moment.

    But equally, once you’re in the swing of things and understand the rhythm of the piece you’re knitting, you can create something beautiful while sitting back and video calling your best friend or watching a film. 

    Wool and the Gang have loads of knitting kits to get you started, and they’re divided by level so if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, you know you’re opting for beginners. 

    Shop Take My Heart Scarf knitting kit at Wool and the Gang, £31

  • Photography

    Best creative hobbies to do at home

    As well as creative hobbies, since lockdown we’ve seen a surge in the number of people looking to learn a new skill using an online course.

    If you’ve always had an interest in photography, this is the perfect time to learn more about it. Equip yourself with a camera and enrol in a digital course so that you can properly explore your passion.

    LinkedIn has thousands of online courses, with a great selection of photography-focused ones, so could be a good place to start looking.

  • Painting

    Best creative hobbies to do at home

    If you’ve never laid paintbrush to canvas but love the idea of embracing your inner artist, a beginners paint set is a great place to start.

    Without too much investment you can try a mixture of mediums and are handed everything you need – including an easel – to paint your first picture. 

    We like the look of the 196 piece Art Set from Hobby Craft because it allows you to experiment with watercolour, oil and acrylic paints.

    Shop Art Set at Hobby Craft, £35

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