The best new films and TV shows to watch on Netflix this summer

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No need to trawl: our entertainment director has singled out the best new content coming to Netflix this summer

As the final weeks of the summer trundle on, we’re finding ourselves  looking forward to cosying up and banking some time with Netflix: after all, there have been some great new additions to the platform over the last few months. However, having stormed through our must-watch lists, we’re feeling greedy to find out what else is on the viewing cards. 

Luckily for us, August’s drop doesn’t disappoint and there’s a splendid mix of brilliant new and old films to see you into Autumn. 

To deliver you the cream of the crop, our entertainment director Helen Bownass has selected her favourite titles this month. Consider this your streamlined viewing schedule…

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 

The film adaptation of Jenny Han’s eponymous 2014 New York Times best seller is a sweet, funny take on the teenage crushes that litter the pasts of nearly of all of us. 

Our protagonist Lara Jean is a shy, smart, funny high school student who doesn’t realise what a catch she really is. Her insecurities have stopped her approaching the high cheek-boned, cute guys in her class/ summer camp/ neighborhood and she’s instead chosen to live out her first love fantasies in her head by writing them all letters, which she keeps locked away in a hat box. 

However, when said hat box goes missing, the letters that were never intended to see the light of day suddenly find themselves in the hands of the very person they’re written for. Eeek. If you’re looking for some light relief that will genuinely make you laugh, this is for you.

Available: 17 August 

The Innocents

Young love strikes again in this dark, intriguing looking series which sees two teenagers run away from home to be together. 

However, June and Harry’s romantic adventure is interrupted when June discovers that she’s been harbouring a confusing and terrifying power that allows her to shape-shift. After a mysterious professor reveals she isn’t alone, the two youngsters find themselves riddled with fear and anxiety… and their relationship quickly threatens to fall apart. 

Available: 24 August 

Ozark: Season 2

Netflix’s gritty crime drama, Ozark, is back for season two as Marty Bryde and his family continue to navigate the murky waters of life within a dangerous drug cartel. With Del out, the crime syndicate sends their ruthless attorney Helen Pierce to town to shake things up just as The Byrdes are finally settling in. 

Marty and Wendy struggle to balance their family interests amid the escalating dangers presented by their partnerships with the power-hungry Snells, the cartel and their new deputy, Ruth Langmore, whose father Cade has been released from prison. The stakes are even higher than before and The Byrdes soon realize they have to go all in before they can get out.

Available: 31 August 

Like Father 

The one and only Kristen Bell stars alongside Kelsey Grammer in this Netflix original comedy, which explores the relationship between a young woman and her absent father when they are not only reunited, but end up spending an entire cruise around the Caribbean together. 

As you can imagine, the situation starts off a little, well, strange. Especially seeing as the cruise was initially intended to be Bell’s character’s honeymoon. But after a few weeks of forced conversation, their connection becomes more real and a new appreciation for family is born. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing. 

Available: 3 August 


Matt Groening’s Disenchantment takes us back in time to the Middle Ages and follows the mishaps of Princess Bean, heir to the throne of the decaying and disastrous Dreamland. 

Of course, like any fantasy world protagonist, she’s flanked by her considerably smaller sidekicks – who appear to represent both sides of her personality. Optimistic Elfo and mini-demon Luci join her in a journey of self-discovery as she breaks out of the kingdom and tramples all over what the princess stereotype expects of her. However, if you think Bean is yet another Disney Princess-eque character, destined to marry a Prince Charming, think again: this woman is way ahead of her time.

Available: 17 August 

Loving Vincent

The world’s first fully painted feature length film, Loving Vincent, is not only an emotive and sensitive exploration of the famous artist’s life, but it’s a visual spectaculour - just like his work. 

You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to appreciate the fascinating story of Vincent van Gogh, which in this depiction is told through the actions of a young man who is asked to deliver the painter’s final letter before his suicide. 

Available: 5 August 

A Fish Called Wanda

The Eighties fashion inspiration, a gorgeously mischievous Jamie Lee Curtis, the hilarious mixing of British and American culture: A Fish Called Wanda is a classic that cannot be missed. 

World’s away from the slickly produced heist films of the last few years, this retro beauty is all about its brilliant (and hapless) cast of misfits, belly laughs and slapstick mix ups. 

Available: 8 August 

20th Century Women

In 1979 Santa Barbara, Calif., Dorothea Fields is a determined single mother in her mid-50s who is raising her adolescent son, Jamie, at a moment brimming with cultural change and rebellion. Dorothea enlists the help of two younger women - Abbie, a free-spirited punk artist living as a boarder in the Fields’ home and Julie, a savvy and provocative teenage neighbor - to help with Jamie’s upbringing.

It’s a real, painful, honest and beautiful snapshot into the lives of a collection of people just trying to figure it all out. 

Available: 17 August 

Bridget Jones’s Baby 

Oh Bridge, how could we resist you? The third installment in the tales of our beloved Bridget Jones may not be quite as good as the original, but it’s still the kind of easy watching sleepy weekend mornings or night’s in with our friends, was made for. 

Available: 30 August 

Pride & Prejudice

From one Mr Darcy to another. The sunlight soaked 2005 remake of Jane Austen’s classic novel may be over ten years old, but to us it hasn’t aged a day. The spanning scenes of lush, green countryside, Keira Knightley’s take on the independent Elizabeth Bennet, that scene in the rain… we’re reaching for the popcorn already. 

Available: 4 August 

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