The most delicious places to eat pancakes in London

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Come this way and get the low down on the best pancakes in North, East, South, West and Central London for 2019. 

Millennials are famed for their love of avocado on toast, and although we’d never slate this undeniably tasty dish, it does feel like a bit of a waste to go out for brunch and eat something you could whip up at home, doesn’t it? 

Because, as far as we’re concerned anyway, brunching out is one of the finer things in life. It’s something to be celebrated and made as indulgent as possible. If we had it our way every Saturday morning would comprise of us, our best pals, and a beautiful brunch spot with a delicious menu (and preferably some bottomless bubbles). 

One breakfast favourite that certainly ticks the delicious box has to be pancakes, in all their fluffy, buttery, mouth-watering glory. 

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Whether stacked high and stodgy, American style, or mixed with buckwheat and topped with ricotta, we don’t discriminate when it comes to our love for the ‘cakes. They could be savoury with a side of salmon or sugary sweet, drowning in butterscotch and banoffee - either way, we really do have a Pokemon (gotta catch ‘em all) attitude to them. Which is good, considering how many different types there are to try in our fair city.

Over in West London, fancy hotel The Wolseley knows how to serve up a mean stack, giving guests the chance to dine on the American favourite in a quintessentially English setting. While in East London, the surroundings are as relaxed as the dish itself, with cool, laid-back cafes being the order of the day.

If you consider yourself a real pancake connoisseur, you’ll be pleased to know there are two spots on this list that deal exclusively in batter, with one boasting over 40 types of pancake on its menu. Another even has a Yorkshire pudding-pancake hybrid ready for you to try out.

We’ve spoken to friends, hunted high and low, and gobbled our way around London to find the best restaurants for pancakes in the capital, which we hope you have a lot of fun trying out for yourselves.

So here it is, Stylist’s guide to the best places for pancakes in London, whether you are based in the North, East, South, West or Central London - enjoy!

Best pancakes in South London

  • Village East

    Tucked away down Bermondsey Street, among the charming hotchpotch of boutiques and delis, lies Village East – a New York style brassiere. With cool industrial furnishings and a brimming brunch menu, it’s the perfect place to stop for pancakes after a visit to the nearby White Cube gallery. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? We’re obsessed with the buttermilk pancakes, berry compote and clotted cream. 

    Where is it? 171-173 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, London SE1 3UW

  • The Little Blue Door, Fulham

    This unique restaurant and bar, put together by a group of friends, promises a royally good time for all those who step through the door. 

    As well as a hearty brunch menu, The Little Blue Door serves up some delicious pancakes, best washed down with some bottomless prosecco. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? London’s largest stack of pancakes served with frozen berries, praline, chocolate ganache, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate buttons, cherries and salted caramel ice cream. 

    Where is it? The Little Blue Door, 871-873, Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5HP

  • Where The Pancakes Are, London Bridge

    Where the pancakes are London Bridge

    Think you know pancakes? Head to Where The Pancakes Are and give this menu a good going over. All the pancakes and none of the gimmicks - just cute decor and some bloody delicious concoctions. 

    With vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free options everyone can get involved, no matter if you’re feeling in the mood for sweet or savoury. One must, though, is a ‘dutch baby’ which resembles a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with mouth-watering delights. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Two pancakes, banana, hazelnut-sunflower-cocoa-nib praline, basil marshmallow, with a choice of chocolate or sea salted caramel.

    Where is it? Where The Pancakes Are, Arch 35a, 85a Southwark Bridge Road, South London, SE1 0NQ

  • Escape The Daily Grind, Balham

    With a super-cute, pastel green facade and an impressive selection of sweet treats inside, Escape The Daily Grind is a great brunch suggestion to have up your sleeve. 

    As well as pastries and cakes the cafe has two types of pancakes, sweet and savoury, so whatever your carb-filled dreams consist of, these guys are more than qualified to fulfill your cravings. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Three fluffy pancakes served with seasonal fruits and drizzled with maple syrup.

    Where is it? Escape The Daily Grind, 8 Bedford Hill, Balham, South London, SW12 9RG

  • Balans, Clapham

    As Balans says, if you’re going to do brunch, it’s imperative you do it properly - and when the brunch looks this good we reckon pancakes should act as a sugary chaser to trying everything else on the menu too. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Pancakes with a choice of maple bacon, banana or berries and warm maple butter.

    Where is it? Balans Soho Society, 16A Clapham Common South Side, South London, SW4 7AB

Best pancakes in Central London 

  • VIVI, Centre Point

    VIVI Pancakes

    When it comes to delicious toppings, VIVI doesn’t discriminate. This traditional British restaurant serves up a plethora of sugary additions, including Chantilly cream, berry compote and caramelised banana, on either waffles or pancakes in both its breakfast and brunch menu.

    Right now we’re most interested in the pancake variety, but if waffles are your thing head over here

     What kind of pancakes are we talking? As well as the above, get your fill of toasted pecans, dry cured bacon and maple syrup.

    Where is it? VIVI, Centre Point, 11 Saint Giles Square, London WC2H 8AP

  • Avobar, Covent Garden

    Avobar matcha pancakes

    Feel like something a little different to the usual lemon and sugar pancakes? Well how about some suitably green matcha pancakes at Avobar, the avocado-obsessed restaurant on Henrietta Street.

    These fluffy American-style pancakes have been given a vibrant health kick with a shot of green matcha and are served with a knob of melting avo-butter.

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Both sweet or savoury: the former means a topping of sticky caramelised banana and a generous shot of maple syrup; the latter is all about a salty pairing of crispy bacon and fried egg.

    Where is it? Avobar, 23 - 24 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8ND

  • Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia

    Escape the hecticness of Oxford Circus and slink just a few moments away to Riding House Cafe, a perfect day to night destination. Swish design with industrial touches and a delicious menu make it a laid-back but suitably stylish place to be.

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Buttermilk pancakes with berries, vanilla clotted cream and maple syrup, or triple-smoked streaky bacon. 

    Where is it? Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PQ

  • Half Cup, Bloomsbury

    There’s a reason you’ll find this place all over the most recommended list of food bloggers in the know and that every weekend there’s a queue half way down the street to get in. The grub at Half Cup is good - real good. Get stuck in to the huge range of specialty coffees and marvel at the sprinkling of edible flowers they cover most of their dishes in.

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Parma ham pancakes with oozing cheddar cheese, topped with a fried egg.

    Where is it? Half Cup, 100-102 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NT

  • My Old Dutch, Holborn

    My Old Dutch, established in 1958, is like pancake Mecca. In the mood for savoury? From seafood to Italian -style, they’ve got it all. Fancy something super sweet? Try the butterscotch, chocolate chip or maple syrup-doused version for a sugar rush like never before. 

    With over 40 types of pancakes on the menu, this place comes top of the stack for variety and imagination. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Literally anything you can imagine, but we particularly like the sound of peaches and cream.

    Where is it? My Old Dutch, 131-132 High Holborn, Holborn, Lonodn, WC1V 6PS

Best pancakes in East London 

  • The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

    The Modern Pantry has that wonderful knack for reinventing your favourite brunch-time dishes but with more interesting, more vibrant ingredients. 

    The weekend brunch menu boasts a plethora of lip-smacking choices from sweetcorn, feta and spring onion waffles with maple syrup, to chilli, ginger and tamari braised Portobello mushrooms - although our favourite is of course the pancakes. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Raspberry and ricotta pancakes, mixed berry and liquorice compote with Greek yoghurt.

    Where is it? The Modern Pantry, 47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, East London, EC1V 4JJ

  • Clerkenwell Grind, Clerkenwell

    We can say with authority that Grind (with locations all over London) knows how to whip up a mean stack of pancakes. 

    Fluffy, light and buttery - these bad boys are sure to start your Saturday off right. Combine this with an ultra cool setting, picture-worthy pink neon signage and great brunch cocktails, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and coconut.

    Where is it? Clerkenwell Grind, 2-4 Old Street, East London, EC1V 9AA

  • Hash E8, Dalston

    If pancakes are your poison, you’re in for the ride of your life at Hash E8. The homemade ‘cakes are this brunch spot in Hackney’s specialty and they have a mix of recipes to keep you entertained (see our favourite below).

    You’ll also find brunch budget-friendly cocktails on the menu, with mimosas and berry bellinis priced at £5. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? White chocolate pancakes with caramelized banana. 

    Where is it? Hash E8, 170 Dalston Lane, Hackney, East London, E8 1NG

  • The Breakfast Club, Hoxton

    The Breakfast Club is somewhat of an institution in London, acting as a go-to for all wiley brunch goers. Although the chain now has many a branch, our favourite is Hoxton, which still has queues down the street every weekend.

    An eccentric mish-mash of decor makes it a fun place to spend the first part of your day, enhanced by the lovely staff. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Salted caramel banoffee pancakes. 

    Where is it? The Breakfast Club, 2-4 Rufus Street, Hoxton, East London N1 6PE

  • Ask For Janice, Barbican

    Ask for Janice pancakes
    With a relaxed vibe and friendly atmosphere, this place makes for the perfect weekend hangout. The restaurant prides itself on creating a menu with an emphasis on local, fresh produce, foraged greens and a hearty selection of cocktails, gin, craft beers and unfiltered wine.

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Buttermilk pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and pecans.

    Where is it? Ask For Janice, 50-52 Long Lane, East London, EC1A 9EJ

  • Café Miami, Clapton

    One of the most Instagrammed cafés in East London, Café Miami decor is just as delightful as their food. 

    From classic blueberry buttermilk to the most extravagant and indulgent nutella filled pancakes, this is the right place to satisfy your wildest brunch cravings.  

    What kind of pancakes are we talking?  Fluffy cinnamon roll pancakes covered in cheese frosting, that taste exactly like the real Danish pastry. 

    Where is it? 24 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0PD.

Best pancakes in North London 

  • German Gymnasium, Kings Cross

    We’re big fans of this millennial pink hot spot, named as such because of the fascinating history behind its construction. It was built in 1865 for the German Gymnastics Society to host the indoor events at London’s first Olympic Games in 1866, and its original features have been carefully complimented by the modern decor, not covered by them. 

    Much of the menu has been given a German twist inline with the building’s heritage, so you’ll find brunch favourites of currywurst and schnitzel alongside the pancakes. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Pancakes with cherry compote, vanilla yoghurt and maple syrup.

    Where is it? German Gymnasium, King’s Blvd, Kings Cross, North London N1C 4BU

  • Granger & Co, Kings Cross

    Granger & Co’s Aussie influence rings through in all of their healthy, experimental dishes which swap typical ingredients for flavourful alternatives. 

    Not only does their Kings Cross branch play into the moment’s decor trends with pink tiling and copper bar seats, but the menu is riding high on the clean eating movement - although there are sweet snacks too. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter.

    Where is it? Granger & Co, 1, Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, North London N1C 4AG

  • Greenberry, Primrose Hill

    Any excuse to wander the beautiful streets of Primrose Hill and we’re there. And what better excuse is there than tasty, buttery, fluffy pancakes? 

    Greenberry Cafe is a long-time staple of idyllic Regents Park Road, serving up a delicious brunch menu with a mix of smoothies, eggs, waffles and pancakes, of course. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Fluffy pancakes, with ricotta, mixed berries and maple syrup. 

    Where is it? Greenberry Cafe, 101 Regents Park Road, North London, NW1 8UR

  • Green Room Cafe, Stoke Newington

    As picturesque pancake-eating spots go, the Green Room Cafe could just pip all the others to the post. Positioned on the adorable Church Street, this place is part eatery and part florist, which means ample botanical picture opportunities. 

    Sit outside the back in sunny weather or cosy up by the blooms indoors. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Poppy seed pancakes with yougurt, fresh fruit and honey.

    Where is it? Green Room Cafe, 113 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, North London, N16 0UD

Best pancakes in West London 

  • Electric Diner, Notting Hill

    Portobello Road’s coolest venue is going pancake mad for the 5 March, serving up four fluffy varieties from 8am to midnight - so there’s no excuse not to pay the diner a visit and get your fill. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Buttermilk with berries and Chantilly cream, lemon ricotta with compote, matcha with white chocolate and coconut and caramelized bacon pancakes, fried eggs, crispy shallots.

    Where is it? Electric Diner, 191 Portobello Road, West London, W11 2ED

  • No 197 Chiswick Fire Station, Chiswick

    Although you can’t see it from this snap, No 197’s decor is touted as some of the dreamiest in London, so if you’re doing it for the ‘gram we recommend paying this cactus-filled haunt a visit. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Banana and ricotta pancakes with coconut yogurt, maple syrup and warm berry compote.

    Where is it? No 197 Chiswick Fire Station, 197-199 Chiswick High Road, West London, W4 2DR

  • The Wolseley, St James's

    If cute cafes aren’t for you, take your breakfast to an iconic level and head to grand restaurant, The Wolseley. Among the dramatic pillars and monochrome flooring, the attentive staff serve up some delicious-looking pancakes as part of the breakfast menu, every morning until 11.30am. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Pancakes with bacon or berries. 

    Where is it? The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, St. James’s, West London W1J 9EB

  • The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Chelsea

    Not only is this a simply gorgeous place to be, with plush interiors and a greenhouse theme, but The Ivy know what’s up when it comes to making really, really good food. 

    Definitely the venue for a birthday or special occasion (yes, it being the weekend counts), surround yourself with the crème de la crème of Chelsea and make sure you get a picture with the seasonally changing facade. 

    What kind of pancakes are we talking? Hot buttermilk pancakes with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with Greek yoghurt, lemon balm and warm strawberry sauce.

    Where is it? The Ivy Chelsea Garden, 195 -197 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EQ

Images: Alison Marras / Instagram 


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