These are the best posters from the weekend’s anti-Brexit march

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Anna Brech
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With EU negotiations at a deadlock, poster slogans at yesterday’s huge anti-Brexit protest captured the mood of a polarised nation

Yesterday saw the second biggest protest of the century unfold in central London, as 700,000 people marched through the capital to demand a second referendum on Brexit.

Public opposition to Britain leaving the EU manifested itself in huge crowds of protesters, who turned out in unprecedented numbers to voice their frustration over the bungled separation process (and, of course, the fact that Brexit is happening at all).

With negotiations in Brussels at an impasse, men and women of all different backgrounds called on parliament to organise a “people’s vote” that would reconsider Britain’s departure from the EU.

There’s nothing quite like language for marshalling feeling, and banner slogans came fast and furious, from the pithy to the suggestive, the sarcastic and the enraged. 

Here are just a few of our favourite posters on a day of highly-charged emotion; as told by #peoplesvotemarch on the wonderful world of Instagram


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