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Lush have done it again with this deliciously scented, sell-out shower gel. 

For Lush fans (that’s all of us then) the joy of snagging the latest glitter-covered, heaven-scented product from the eco-friendly cosmetics store is unrivalled.

From the sell-out Sleepy Body Lotion that caused a stir earlier this year, to the highly-anticipated Christmas range, we all love to be in-the-Lush-know.

But there’s one item that’s not only the best-selling Christmas product this year, but also topped last year’s best-selling charts.

If you’re not already one of the big fans – allow us to introduce you to the candy-scented shower gel of your dreams, Snow Fairy (from £4.25).

This unapologetically pink body wash has a distinctive, lingering, sweet scent that has customers coming back for more.

Snow Fairy has also been launched in a packaging free bar

Customers on the Lush website have praised its lathering ability and sparkly consistency, calling it “sweet and juicy” and “unique”.

One Snow Fairy convert seems to love the gel so much she’s considered ingesting it (not advisable by the way), writing, “I’m not a fan of sweet scents but this is one of my fave lush products/ scents. It smells sweet and juicy. It smells like bubble gum. It is lovely and lathers up well. My favourite bit is the brilliant pink colour I need a bottle just to put on my shelf. I just want to eat it.”

Thousands of Instagrammers have also been raving about it, commenting on its unique scent and struggle to bag some for themselves (basically, get in there quick).

Lush is known for being ethical and environmentally friendly to its core, and for those whose buying choices are motivated by these aspects will be thrilled to know that a new version of the gel has also just launched and it’s packaging-free. 

The Snow Fairy naked shower gel (£8.25) has all the same ingredients as the original version but in a solidified, concentrated bar which means it lasts longer and is more cost-effective.

Lush put it perfectly when they say, “In 2016, we sold over 5 million bottles of shower gel, if just half of the customers who purchased these bottles switched to naked shower gels, we could save approximately 2.6 million bottles from ending up in landfill. That’s something worth getting naked for.”

If you do manage to get your mitts on a bar or a bottle of the stuff and are hooked like the rest of us, you’ll be excited to know that there’s also a whole range of Snow Fairy smelling products, from bath bombs to body conditioner. 

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a Christmas gift? We’ll see you at Lush. 

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