From cinematic backdrops to dramatic first dances: the best wedding photography of 2014 awards

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Everybody who's ever planned a wedding knows that finding the perfect photographer is a key part of making the memories of the day last a lifetime - as well as recording all the details that you spent so much time and effort getting together. Wedding photography is a seriously competitive business, with the best photographers being booked up far in advance for their talents in capturing the most important moments of anybody's special day.

So as you can expect, the Best Wedding Photography awards have thrown up some seriously gorgeous images. Run by the The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), the contest finds the most touching, exciting and beautiful wedding photography four times a year.

The awards for the past year (spanning winter 2013 to autumn 2014) have seen a fascinating collection of images, with categories from Venue or Location photography, making the best of weddings in stunning locations around the world, to Humour, capturing some of the most charming moments during the a wedding day.

Scroll down to take a look at some of our favourites - from a bride sheltering from getting splashed by a bus to a beautiful shot of a couple getting married with a dramatic forest backdrop, the photographs are worth a look, even if you're not always bowled over by weddings.

1st place in Bride Portrait, Autumn 2014

Photography by Yana Zharintsova, Saint Petersburg, Russia,

1st place in engagement portrait, spring 2014

Photography by Jocemar Voss Kovacs, Florianapolis, Brasil, 

1st place in Ceremony, Spring 2014

Photography by Nacho Mora, Zaragoza, Spain,

1st place in Pure Art, Spring 2014

Photography by Nathan Welton, Denver, Colorado,

1st place in The Decisive Moment, Winter 2013

Photography by Franco Baroni, Frankfurt, Germany,

1st place in all about light, winter 2013

Photography by Chris Huang, Taipei, Taiwan,

1st place in Humour, Spring 2014

Photography by Rich Howman, Bristol, United Kingdom,

1st place in Kids Will be Kids, Autumn 2014

Photograhy by Razvan Horeanga, Cedar Rapids, Iowa,

1st place in Getting Ready, Spring 2014

Photography by Tito Rikardo, Jakarta, Indonesia,

1st place in Pure Art, Autumn 2014

Photography by Emin Kuliyev, New York City, New York,

1st place in First dance, winter 2013

Photography by Chaiyasith Junjuerdee, Bangkok, Thailand,

1st place in wedding details, spring 2014

Photography by Ivo Popov, Brussels, Belgium,

1st place in the decisive moment, Summer 2014

Photography by Dennis Berti, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 

1st place in venue or location, summer 2014

Photography by Szymon Nykiel, Krakow, Poland,

1st place in getting ready, winter 2013

Photography by Mariano Sfiligoy, Santiago, Chile, 

1st place in bridal portrait, summer 2014

Photography by Gerhard Nel, The Hague, Netherlands,

1st place in humour, summer 2014

Photography by Lanny Mann, Canmore, Alberta,

1st place in family love, autumn 2014

Photography by Allen Ko, Canton, China 

1st place in bridal party portrait, autumn 2014

Photography by Xiang Qi, Nanping, China,

1st place in bride and groom portrait, summer 2014

Photography by Erika Mann, Canmore, Alberta,

1st place in movement and motion, spring 2014

Photography by Andrea Corsi, Florence, Italy, 

1st place in bride and groom portrait, autumn 2014

Photography by Fer Juaristi, Riviera Maya, Mexico,

1st place in the wedding dress, summer 2014

Photography by Valentin Gamiz, Córdoba, Spain,

1st place in bridal party portrait, spring 2014

Photography by Victor Lax, Zaragoza, Spain,

1st place in venue or location, winter 2013

Photography by Carey Nash, Edmonton, Alberta,

Words: Victoria Gray, Images:

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