Stylish workout clothes you can sneak into your daily outfits

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Spend wisely on chic activewear that doubles as wardrobe essentials. 

The endless debate on leggings as appropriate attire for outside of the gym continues. While some feel there’s a time and a place for activewear, many prefer the comforting second skin that makes airport travel, running errands or brunch dates all the more pleasant. 

There is a strong argument to be made for clothes that transcend fashion categories as we become increasingly mindful of consumerism and its impact on the environment. Making smart purchases has never been more crucial and doing so means avoiding wasteful fast-fashion buys that end up in the bin after only a few wears.

Not to mention how expensive activewear can be. To get the most out of your investments, we’ve rounded up sleek fitness apparel that will take you straight from the office to the gym with the help of clever styling. Plus, feeling good in your workout kit gives you that added motivation to exercise

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