People are flooding Twitter with their favourite workplace clapbacks

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Composing a work email calls for the knack of finding a balance between being both polite and professional – which can prove very tricky. Especially when you’ve been met with an out-of-the-blue passive aggressive meeting request while you were working your way, busily and quietly, through your ‘To Do’ list.  

In our ideal work fantasy, we manage to gently eye roll, and fire back the best I’ve-taken-the-high-road response – with a subtle dose of ‘I’m not taking your crap’. However, most of us find ourselves obsessing over what we should have said, dreaming up the best retort a week later (because we’re good, nice people like that).  

Which is why Danielle René, a writer and marketing consultant based in Washington, D.C., decided to start the mother of all Twitter threads.

Taking to the social media site on 22 August, René shared the ways in which she’s nailed the professional clapback with aplomb.

Check it out:

René, after seeing how much her tweets were resonating with the world, encouraged people everywhere to share their own clapbacks –  with hilarious (albeit low-key passive aggressive) results.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

There was one tweet, in particular, which stood out from the crowd.

In it, a social media user detailed the epic way in which she handled an academic adviser who criticised her work ethic during her honours degree. 

The professional clapback is certainly an art form. Keep ALL the sass coming. 

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