Big Bake-Off: the results


In early November we launched our first Big Bake-Off, which invited Stylist readers to send in their very best baking efforts for the chance to win a trip to Japan, flying with Virgin Atlantic and staying at the luxurious Peninsula Tokyo.

We were overwhelmed with thousands of amazing entries from budding bakers and, after carefully considered each and every entry (hungry work, we can assure you), the Stylist team selected their top 20 entries. These amazing cakes then battled it out in a public vote to be crowned the winner of the Big Bake-Off and win the amazing trip to Japan.

The votes have now been carefully counted, and we're thrilled to announce that the winner is Lucy Bruns, whose incredible Fish 'n' Chip Cupcakes not only sounded delicious, but were obviously created with great amounts of love and attention. Congratulations, Lucy! You can view all of the final 20 entries, in order of the results, in the gallery below. You can also look back through all the entries here.

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part - we were more than impressed with all your baking skills!

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    WINNER! Lucy Bruns

    Fish 'n' Chip Cupcakes

    "They are sticky toffee sponge cupcakes with a sea salted caramel centre. On top I used green coloured buttercream piped on for the mushy peas, the chips are sponge fingers lightly toasted under the grill and the fish is handmade from fondant icing with silver lustre dust rubbed on it. The whole cake is wrapped in a square of newspaper tied with string and finished with a wooden chip fork and a sprinkling of 'salt' (granulated sugar!). Et voila!"

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    SECOND: Alex Hazledine

    Stained Glass Butterfly Cake

    "I made this spiced ginger sponge and layered it with a sweet cinnamon mascapone filling. I shaped the butterfly wings with cookie dough and filled them with crushed boiled sweets and the tiniest drop of gel colouring paste which spread out when the wings were baked to form the coloured wing effect."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    THIRD: Jo Kelly

    Orchid Cake

    "This is all edible except for the stems. Spot which one is the cake in the top photo!"

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Hannah Cox

    Panda Cupcakes

    "They each are made from two different cupcakes: muffins covered with chocolate fudge frosting for the bottom, and fairy cakes covered in cream cheese frosting for the top. For fur I blended some Oreo biscuits then rolled the big cupcakes in them. For the muzzle, I stuck on a mini marshmallow and added a choclate-covered raisin nose. I drew the mouths and eyes with choc fudge frosting, and added chocolate chips with a white frosting highlight. I used Weeto's for the ears and Oreos for the arms and legs, complete with piped cream cheese to make the little paws!"

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Gillian Robinson

    Cookie Monster and Elmo Lemon Cupcakes

    "These are lemon flavoured cupcakes with vanilla icing on top. I dyed the icing the relevant colour, then I piped the icing round the cupcake, and repeated that in layers to make the dome shape for the head. I then cut white marshmallows in half and piped black icing for the eyes. For Elmo cut an Oreo cookie in half which I used as the mouth. For Cookie Monster I cut an Oreo cookie in half and stuck it on the icing to look like he's eating a cookie."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Aleks Basta (@oohhhfrostme)

    Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

    "A delicious Coffee Cupcake topped with an indulgent Baileys‐infused cream frosting. Decorated with a hand‐crafted white & dark chocolate curl & a dusting of cocoa. Finally ‐ serve with a pipette of Baileys. Tastes amazing injected inside the cake for an extra burst of indulgence!"

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Sarah Coleman

    Heart-Shaped Victoria Sponge Tower

    "Filled with raspberry jam and fresh cream, and decorated with raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Anila and Rhea Babla

    Cherry Blossom Sweet Sushi Cake

    "All the elements made from something sweet. The "chopsticks" make a little nod to Stylist and thanks to Google translate we wrote "Bon Appetit" on the plate (although we joked through the evening that it could equally mean "David Beckham is fit" or "Chicken Chow Mein" since we don't speak Japanese!)."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Keri Moss

    All You Need Is Love Wedding Cake

    "Each tier was red velvet and I used a thin white easy roll icing to cover it first like you would use marzipan then a different coloured icing on top of each cake. The decorations were made with three different icings, one was a flower or petal paste icing which sets hard so I used that one for the plaques and the words NEED and LOVE a royal icing for the piping and modelling icing for the flowers, butterflies and the remaining modelled words."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Sarah Crisp

    Fast Food Cupcakes and Cookies

    "I made these recently for my dad’s 60th birthday. The burgers buns are cupcakes (cut in half), the burgers inside are chocolate brownies, the sauces are lemon cream cheese frosting which I split up and coloured as lettuce, ketchup & mustard, and the chips are made out of sugar cookies."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Katie Vermont

    Wedding Cake

    "The top cake is a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and the half of the cupcakes are chocolate and half are vanilla, all with a vanilla buttercream swirl. Each flower was handmade and each cupcake was different."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    April Carter (@rhubarbandrose)

    Rainbow Cake

    "It's a white vanilla layer cake (made with no egg yolks which makes the colours more vibrant) frosted with lemon swiss meringue buttercream and topped with raspberries. I made it for my friend's baby shower - she likes bright colours and wanted something out of the ordinary. It was so fun to surprise everyone when we cut the cake!"

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Stephanie Richards

    Union Jack Cake

    "The sponge is chocolate flavoured made with cocoa powder and your basic vanilla sponge recipe. The frosting is a humming bird bakery recipe using cream cheese, butter and icing sugar and then it's strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for decoration. The icing is spread over the cake, then the strawberries are added first. More frosting is then piped along the strawberries to create a border. The raspberries are then added and more frosting is piped. The left over areas are then filled in with the blueberries."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Grace Ward

    50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

    "The 3 layer cake and cupcakes are vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and are covered with fondant icing and the flowers consist of fondant with Mexican paste. Also it's all handpiped with royal icing."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Rebecca Smith

    Secret Garden Cake

    "The cake is a traditional recipe vanilla sponge cake, baked for my God daughter's 5th birthday. I will freely admit that before it was decorated it looked quite scary and very green and at one point I thought it might go horribly wrong... but once it was covered in sweetie flowers and rose cupcakes and butterflies it began to look really magical (although that could just be the five glasses of champagne I had when I was baking it!)."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Joanne O'Connor

    Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

    "The caterpillar cake was made up of a madeira cake for the head and cupcakes for the body and sun. Fondant icing was coloured red and stuck to the cake using strawberry jam. The antennas, eyes, nose and legs were made from coloured fondant icing and the antennas were joined to the head using cocktail sticks. The cupcakes for the body and sun were vanilla flavoured with royal icing piped tops."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Alexandra Cartlidge

    Eat Me Cupcakes

    "The cakes are a rich chocolate cake made using melted dark chocolate rather than cococa powder, topped with a swirl of white chocolate and dark chocolate buttercream so it gives a two-tone effect. They were inspired by the traditional 'heart and banner' tattoo idea, so I made the hearts and banner out of fondant, and then wrote the script free hand in food colouring. Then to add a final flourish I painted red glitter around the outside edge of the heart."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Sue Timpson

    Wedding Cake

    "I made these for a friend's wedding. She had lemon and vanilla cupcakes with pastel coloured royal icing topped with tiny edible handmade and painted teacups, pots and cake slices. The teacups, pots and little slices of cake were made from sugar flower paste and left to dry, then I added handles, spouts & bases and saucers/plates. These were then hand painted with flowers to match vintage fabric the bride had at the wedding. The top cake is a layered sponge covered in fondant icing with an afternoon tea scene on an icing table cloth painted like gingham."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Helen Stergios

    Day Of The Dead Cakes

    "These cakes were inspired by my trip to Mexico at the beginning of November last year. Everywhere on street stalls and in people porches were there lovely little glittery sugar skulls. So i though lets do a cake version. They started out as 16 chocolate cupcakes. Once cooled I covered them in a layer of fondant icing. They needed a bit of shaping to create a skull like base, and then with a ball end shaping tool (fingers are also good), two dimples for the eye sockets. Then the fun beging - the decorating! Once the icing was done i added sugar flowers and wafer flowers to their heads."

  • Big Bake-Off: the final 20

    Alexandra Pullen

    Colour Cupcakes

    "The fairy cakes are with a little vanilla essence. Then the exciting part was choosing all the sweets and toppings and sorting them into different colours so I had bowls of lovely red, orange, green, yellow and purple gems. I chopped up the sweets and then made icing in corresponding colours which I put in a little circle on top of the cakes before scattering a few sweets on top."