Billie Piper and Carey Mulligan team up for new BBC thriller

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From The Replacement to the upcoming In The Dark, the BBC is fast becoming our one-stop shop for binge-worthy dramas with strong and complex female leads – and now they’re adding Collateral to the mix, too.

Starring Billie Piper and Carey Mulligan – aka two of the absolute best and most beloved British actors of our time – the “gripping, high-octane thriller” begins with a pizza delivery (as most good evenings do).

However, instead of ending in a slab of cheesy goodness, we see the delivery boy wind up on a slab in the morgue.

Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie (Mulligan) takes on the case and, as she begins delving through the evidence, she quickly realises that the fatal shooting was not a random act of violence.

However her relentless pursuit of the truth is set to come at a price.

John Simm will also star in Collateral
John Simm will also star in Collateral

Elsewhere, local politician David Mars (John Simm) finds himself drawn into the case thanks to his troubled ex-wife Karen (Piper)’s connection to the murder. And compassionate local vicar Jane Oliver (Nicola Walker) desperately struggles to conceal her affair with the only witness to the crime.

All in all, it sounds like a recipe for some juicy, juicy television, doesn’t it?

The four-part drama – produced by Netflix – was penned by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter David Hare.

Nicola Walker will play a compassionate vicar - with a secret
Nicola Walker will play a compassionate vicar - with a secret

Speaking about the project, Hare said: “I've been writing drama for the BBC since 1973, but this is my first original series.

“I'm thrilled that it has such a stunningly gifted cast.”

The four episodes of Collateral are currently in production to air on BBC Two.

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