Bodyguard: the 7 big questions we have after watching episode 4

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Helen Bownass
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After episode four of Bodyguard, we were left with more questions than answers. Here, Stylist’s entertainment director Helen Bownass unpacks the biggest mysteries of the show so far. (Warning: there will be spoilers.) 

“What the hell is happening? Who’s good and who’s bad? I just don’t know what to believe anymore.”

That’s a fragment of one of the many conversations that reverberated around the Stylist office after Sunday night’s high-stakes, high-drama, high-stress episode of Bodyguard. These discussions were closely followed by anguished cries of: “No spoilers! I haven’t seen it yet…”

Because when the main character’s death is the least shocking thing about an episode, you know things are getting intense. After the fourth episode of the BBC One ratings-smashing thriller, we’re currently left with more questions than answers. Namely…

Richard Madden as David Budd

1. Is David Budd bad? Really bad? Or actually one of the good ones?

At this point it’s impossible to know if Richard Madden’s tortured bodyguard is implicated in the bombing or not. And if he had feelings for Julia or not. And if he feels guilty for her death.

One Stylist staffer has a theory that David actually knows the suicide bomber, and that’s why he was able to talk to her both in the train toilet and later when questioning her in the police station. Yikes.

2. Is the home secretary actually dead?

This is one question currently doing the rounds on social media. Since we haven’t seen a body, some people are convinced that the apparent death of Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) was a ruse to keep her safe or catch the bomber. We’re not quite convinced – especially as Jed Mercurio, Bodyguard’s creator, has form in killing off main characters as and when he deems necessary.

However, with rumours of a second series abounding, it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the home secretary could rise again…

Acting Home Secretary Mike Travis 

3. The acting home secretary is a villain, right?

We thought Mike Travis (Vincent Franklin) was hardworking and trustworthy. But it turns out he might be another power-crazed mastermind, who potentially set up Julia’s death to stop her from becoming PM.

In last night’s episode, we saw special advisor Rob McDonald telling Mike that “it wasn’t even my idea” – suggesting that whatever “it” is may have been the acting home secretary’s idea. Was McDonald, who we thought was implicated last week, one of the red herrings Mercurio has confessed to including in the script?

4. Who put the blanks in David’s gun?

The scene in David’s flat that saw him attempt to take his own life was genuinely upsetting, and the sign of a very troubled mind.

His attempt failed, as the bullets were swapped for blanks. But who on earth could have done that – especially after the police had been in his house to search it? Perhaps they’re in on it too. Nothing would surprise us at this point. 

The mysterious Richard Longcross 

5. Who on earth is Richard Longcross?

There’s so much else to remember when watching Bodyguard that you could be forgiven for forgetting about Longcross. He was the shadowy type who gave Julia the tablet that David stole and read through when she was in bed – and we still don’t know what his story is. And why isn’t he showing up on the hotel’s CCTV?

6. Who put the bomb in the briefcase?

We still don’t know if Tahir was to blame, or if the bomb was even in the briefcase. Perhaps Nadia – or her husband – had something to do with it? Will we ever know? 

The home secretary’s original assistant 

7. Finally, what has happened to Julia’s PA?

We haven’t seen anything of Julia’s original assistant – the one who got fired for unsuitable behaviour, who tried to sell a story on her boss and kept getting into suspicious blacked out cars – since episode one. Does she have anything to do with anything? 

Bodyguard is on BBC One, 9pm on Sundays and on iPlayer now

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