Bodyguard: the big questions we have after watching episode 5

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Helen Bownass
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With just one more episode of Bodyguard to go, entertainment director Helen Bownass reveals the questions which must be answered this Sunday. (Warning: there will be spoilers).

It’s been a while since a drama has come along that has disrupted our Monday mornings as we dissect every plot point/character/way a cup of coffee was drunk. But Bodyguard has done just that, with audiences in their millions kept guessing what will happen next. And that’s a large part of the drama’s appeal; we all fancy ourselves as amateur sleuths who can solve the case. We’ve also been consistently left with more questions than answers. But with the end finally in sight, here’s what we hope – no, demand – we get answers to in Sunday’s finale…  

Nina Toussaint-White is DS Louise Rayburn

1. Who planted the bomb?

So now we know the bomb wasn’t in the suitcase, it was actually under the stage. But we don’t know who planted it and why? Prime suspects include, and aren’t limited to: David Budd, Chanel (the Home Secretary’s disgruntled aide who seems to be implicated in an organised crime gang), Montague’s bitter ex-husband, the increasingly shady secret services, Nadia the suicide bomber or perhaps it was a decree by the Prime Minister himself, unhappy about Julia Montague’s leadership bid. 

2. Is Montague alive?

We’ve been told the former home secretary is dead, but we still don’t know for sure. We need proof. Especially as it looks like she knew something bad could happen to her: “If I don’t come back, go to the Death Star”. We’re hoping she also had something to do with the bullets in David’s gun being replaced with blanks– if she wasn’t involved, then who was? 

Sophie Rundle plays Vicky Budd 

3. Now David Budd has nothing to lose, what else will he do?

He’s lost his job. His lover. His brain is troubled. His wife has moved on to another (mysterious) man. We still don’t know if he’s to be trusted. But we do know Budd has all the power: with nothing anchoring him, who knows what he’ll do with it?

4. Why is the kompromat so important?

The secret services are going to quite an extent to protect the contents of the kompromat (compromising material) so it must be pretty dodgy. Who else is compromised? And why are they so keen to get it back? 

Pippa Haywood plays Lorraine Craddock

5. Will anyone ever realise Budd was friends with the sniper?

Surely it can’t be long until someone does a quick google search and realises Budd knew the person who tried to assassinate Montague (the first time). Why has no one done it yet? Police cuts?

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