This bride's show of sisterly love will make you cry

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Megan Murray
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It’s not unusual for the wedding party to have some disagreements over the bridesmaid dresses, but what this bride did to please her sister will have her go down in history as the most anti-bridezilla of all time. 

We’re suckers for a happy wedding story. Whether it be a surprise proposal or a perfectly-timed photograph, it’s not hard to get us blubbing into our keyboards. 

But a new wedding story that has particularly roused our emotions, is one that concerns a bride and her sister, who also happens to be her newly appointed bridesmaid. 

When Victoria Brown asked her younger sister, Olivia, to stand by her on her big day, the siblings were predictably excited about planning and sharing this magical day together. But, when the topic of bridesmaid dresses came up, let’s just say, things took a turn for the worst. 

Now, this wouldn’t be the most unlikely predicament we’ve ever heard of. Notoriously bridesmaids are used to bracing themselves when about to see the dress they’re being asked to walk down the aisle in, with many expecting a gown in a particularly undesirable hue or one which shares similar qualities to a meringue. 

But in this case, bridesmaid Olivia wasn’t concerned that her dress was too outlandish. In fact, her quibble was quite the opposite.

According to Bustle’s series, Bridesmaid Upgrade, that followed the sisters on their wedding preparation journey, Olivia prefers to wear dresses a lot kookier than the strapless, purple gown her sister had picked out for her. 

“I feel like I’ve seen it at every other wedding”, Olivia admits to her older sister on camera, before stating, “It’s not me”. 

Despite the sisters having a close relationship and referring to each other as “best friends”, their difference in taste soon creates tension, as Victoria retorts, “It’s not about you”. 

Another huge problem arose when Olivia was very vocal about her wishes to have a dress with sleeves, something that her sister did not take on board. “I feel like it’s always slipping down and I have to catch it - it looks ridiculous”, Olivia pointed out, referring to the bandeau style of the gown. 

Olivia seeing Victoria in her wedding dress for the first time

After listening to her sister Victoria eventually relented, saying, “I won’t be happy, if she’s not happy.” And as the show continues, Victoria works with designer Aviva Falk to attempt to create a dress that her sister will like. 

Looking at different designs and styles, Victoria revealed she’s nervous that her sister won’t like anything she creates as she tries to incorporate as much of her sister’s “exciting” personality into the dress as possible. 

“I’m having this really unconventional wedding, so why not give her the dress of her dreams,” Victoria announced before adding new colours, patterns and a flower pin to the existing gown. 

As the unveiling gets closer, Victoria tricks her sister into coming to the wedding dress boutique, under the guise that she’s going to see her try on her wedding dress for the first time.  After greeting her sister, and showing off the beautiful dress she’s chosen to say her vows in, Victoria prepares Olivia for the big surprise. 

Explaining that she’s been working on a custom made dress just to make Olivia happy, Victoria presents a gown so pretty it’ll bring a tear to your eye. But, it’s the meaning behind the dress, and more specifically the flower pin, that will have you reaching for the tissues. 

“Growing up we always had a garden, but I felt like we had a lot of hard times. The garden was always beautiful and I wanted to make this for you,” Victoria says through tears to Olivia.

Reaching for the flower pin, Victoria continues, “You’re an amazing sister, I love you and I’m so happy to give this to you and I hope you like it.”

Both sisters burst into tears, and tell each other how much they love each other, are there to support each other and want to make each other happy. 

This wedding may not have been about the siblings at first glance, but we absolutely adore this show of love and compassion between these two women and sisters. It makes us want to run to the women in our lives and give them a big hug. 

You can watch the video for yourself here.

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