This beautiful Scottish island is cheaper than the average London flat

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Emily Reynolds
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Worrying about your ability to get on the property ladder? Why not buy your own island instead? 

Bored of living with flatmates in a damp room you pay altogether too much for? Sick of commuting to work, and uncomfortably acclimatised to having people breathe germs directly into your face on the Tube every morning? Pining over RightMove properties you’ll never afford? Us too. 

Which makes this real estate opportunity incredibly tempting – your own private island, available to buy for only £350,000. 

The 64-acre island, Linga, is just off the Shetland Isles – a boat trip away from the Shetland mainland. 

The island is described as a “place of spectacular scenery and beauty with an abundance of wildlife” – beautifully illustrated in this video.

As the video shows, the island is slightly run down – none of the structures currently on the island would be particularly luxurious to live in, what with their not having roofs. 

But planning permission for a pier and storage shed, reception area, new agricultural buildings, a traditional watermill and a new cottage have already been secured – as well as permission to renovate the two existing (somewhat run down) cottages. 

Planning permission also includes a windmill, solar panels, septic tanks with reed beds for sewage and rainwater capture from the cottage and shed roofs to provide the fresh water supply – which makes it both eco friendly and energy efficient. 

The company managing the sale, Vladi Private Islands, will be adding solar power, wind power, fresh running water and plumbing to the island, so by the time you move in you’ll be living in semi-civilisation. They’re also offering a similar private island just off the Orkney Islands, with permission to renovate two beautiful farmhouses.

And if Scotland doesn’t float your boat, the company has a selection of islands for sale elsewhere, including the Caribbean, South America and the Mediterranean. Why save up for a mortgage on a pokey one bed in London when you can buy a Caribbean island? We know which one we’d prefer…