Cadbury coated Oreos are a thing and they look ridiculously good

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If ever there were two brands to show that competitors can live in blissful, chocolate-coated harmony, it was Cadbury and Oreo. Those star-crossed lovers are basically the confectionary equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, making eyes at each other across the sweet aisle.

And as consumers we’re only too happy to enjoy the fruits of their relationship, having been treated to several delectable love-children already, including the Big Taste Oreo Cadbury bar and the Oreo Crème Egg.

And while we could happily devour a full-size Oreo Cadbury hybrid bar in a single sitting, nothing quite beats the fun of dipping an Oreo biscuit into a glass of milk and picking it apart in your own special, preferred way. Which is why we’re absolutely overjoyed to hear that our favourite cookie has had an upgrade.

You’re probably thinking, what more could you do to an Oreo? How can you possibly improve on perfection? But when you think about it the answer is clear – add more chocolate. 

News has spread that the clever people at Cadbury have covered our beloved Oreos in another layer of silky chocolate, transforming the treat into a sandwich of Cadbury chocolate, Oreo biscuit and crème filling. Heaven.

Candy enthusiasts have been showing their love for the collaboration on social media, describing the invention as “game changing”.

One fan tweeted, “Brought biscuits for nephews and forgot to open them. OMG Cadbury n Oreo have changed the chocolate biscuit game! Cadbury coated Oreos #SOgood.”

Another Twitter user put simply what we’re all thinking, “CADBURY-COATED OREOS!?!? Oh. My. God.”

A third felt the experience was truly earth-shattering, tweeting, “Today the world became a better place @Oreo coated in @Cadbury_SA #oreoenrobed”

The only snag is that the new Oreos are not yet available to buy in the UK. Currently the cookies are only stocked in Australia and South Africa, with no official statement on when they will reach the rest of the world. 

In the meantime, why not whip up some Oreo pancakes or Oreo cupcakes at home to satisfy that sweet craving?

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