Annie Mac on how to succeed in a male-dominated industry

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Susan Devaney
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Radio presenter and DJ Annie Mac shares her advice on getting ahead in a male-led environment. 

We’ve been listening to Annie Mac on our radios for 14 years.

And we’ve listened as her career has gone from strength to strength: first starting out as a voice for jingles on BBC Radio 1 to DJ’ing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee and hosting a slot with fellow presenter, Nick Grimshaw.

Now, the well-loved presenter hosts the Annie Mac show every evening from Monday to Thursday.

So, who better to ask for advice on how to make your way up the ladder when you’re working in a predominantly male-led environment? Read her tips below – or watch the video above for more. 

1) Believe in yourself 

“You must believe in yourself by putting yourself forward and by putting yourself in front of people,” says Mac. “[You’ve got to] make yourself known to people by not hiding at the back. Let people know that you’re worthy of bigger things.”

2) Think big 

“Be ambitious enough to think big,” advises Mac. “Look ahead and go, ‘OK, I’m doing this now, but in five years I’m going to be bigger’.

“Think: why don’t I employ someone I know who’s going to help me? Again, it comes down to self-belief. Believing in yourself enough to invest in yourself.”

3) Be yourself 

“Sometimes, there’s a big expectation for women who are surrounded by men in their office or their workplace to have to sort of simulate the men in a way,” says Mac. “To have to act like them for them to be understood in order to move forward.

“I think it’s really important to sort of hold onto yourself in these types of scenarios, and to remember that what you bring and offer as a woman should be used to your advantage, to help you to progress.”

Watch our video above to hear more.

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