These are the UK's top places to work right now

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Form an orderly queue, folks: LinkedIn has revealed the UK’s best places to work 

What makes a happy job? Perks such as an office dog or a giant slide help, of course. But really, it comes down to motivation. 

Which companies have that elusive spark that draws employees in, and keep them there? 

Cutting through the corporate jargon of a typical careers section, LinkedIn has drilled down the facts to unveil Britain’s most sought-after firms of 2019. 

The results are based around cold, hard data from its 25 million UK members, factoring in four things: interest in the company, its level of job demand, its engagement with employees, and the rate at which jobs are retained. 

The top 10 winners reveal not only where to work, but also the kind of skills that hold major currency right now (coders and sales types, you’re in luck). 

Drum roll please, as we bring forth the fuel for your latest jobs search: 

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1. Amazon 

Despite questions over its warehouse practices around the world, Amazon comes up trumps on LinkedIn’s list.

With umbrella companies including Audible, Zappos and more, the internet giants employs over 15,000 people in Britain. Advertised roles most commonly focus around sales, engineering and operation sectors. 

“Amazonians” are encouraged to be think big and take ownership of their projects, according to the brand’s leadership principles.

2. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

The investment bank is mounting a full-scale recruitment search for technologists with HTML, JavaScript and other related abilities right now. 

It’s been ahead of the curve on workplace wellness, with benefits that range from health check-ups to nutrition seminars and flextime work arrangements.

3. Sainsbury’s

Sales management, hospitality and market research skills are in hot demand at the long-established supermarket, which employs a quarter of a million people in Britain. 

4. GSK

The pharma giant has a variety of wellbeing programmes to help its employees feel “healthier, happier and more energised at work”. 

5. Bupa

The entire executive team of this private healthcare provider are qualified as mental health first aiders, to help colleagues cope with issues such as depression and anxiety. 

A happy woman at work

6. JLL

Real estate and business development roles are thriving at JLL, the corporate property firm. Perks include private medical and dental insurance, and a mortgage advice service. 

7. Barclays

Barclays’ “dynamic working” scheme is a big hit for the bank’s 50,000 employees. It offers work-at-home, job share and flexible hour options, for colleagues looking to fit their roles within the framework of a life well-lived. 

8. BP

The oil company is on the hunt for engineering and software development candidates at the moment. Its clever mentoring programme reverses the usual hierarchy, with young graduates advising their senior counterparts in an effort to keep the work culture fresh. 

9. Goldman Sachs

The investment bank is making scores of new hires in business development and finance. It has recently pledged to make sure at least half of its next entry-level recruits are women

10. Engie

Applicants to the energy firm have jumped by 250,000 in the past two years alone. LinkedIn says its move towards cleaner tech is a major draw for a new generation of candidates.  

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