This is the best time of the week to apply for your dream job

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New research has (apparently) found the optimum day to apply for a job…

Searching for a new job is an arduous task. Not only does it take many hours of hopping from one job site to the next, but it also requires some serious dedication (goodbye, social life).

But, as we’re all too aware, it’s an essential commitment we’ve often got to make if we want to move up the career ladder, gain a pay rise or take on a new challenge.

With 30% of us now embarking upon a new job every 12 months, it’s a huge benefit to know how and when we should apply for that job we’ve got our ambitious eye on.

And we might just know the answer. If new research carried out by Job Today stands true then the ideal day to apply for a job is on a Wednesday, specifically at 9am. That’s right, the employment agency website thinks it’s found the ‘luckiest’ day for sending in a prospective application. According to its research, 17% of employers post new jobs on a Wednesday and 47% of job hunters are invited for an interview within 24 hours of a job advert being posted on a Wednesday, too.

As it turns out, women are currently 20% more likely to actively look for a new position than men in 2018.

Co-founder of Job Today, Polina Montano said: “I would always recommend being enthusiastic and start early in the day to look for a role.

“Our insight shows that by lunchtime on Wednesday employers will start to receive a flurry of applications so get in there first and get noticed.”

30% of us now embark upon a new job every 12 months 

Recent research carried out by LinkedIn has found how “hundreds of millions of job seekers across the US and UK view and apply to jobs”.

“We actually found that candidates view and apply to jobs most often on Mondays — and well over half of all job views (59%) and applications (57%) take place over the first three days of the work week: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday,” Darain Faraz, a careers expert at LinkedIn, tells

“That said, we know that employers are constantly on the lookout for new talent. It’s therefore really important to keep on top of the game if you’re in the market for a new role.”

In short: start applying at the beginning of the working week.

But make sure not to use your favourite selfie as your profile picture on LinkedIn or your CV. As it turns out, employers are far less impressed by our selfie angles than our mates are, with a new study showing that a whopping 88% of hiring managers think it looks “unprofessional”. 

If you’re looking to switch jobs then you can read more on how to make your CV stand-out from the crowd here.

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