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Super injunctions aside, Twitter can be a useful career tool. We asked Amanda Rose, founder of international fundraiser Twestival, for her top tips on maximising your business potential.

Be Selective

"Who you follow says a lot about you. Don't get stuck in the bubble of your industry - see Twitter as a networking tool and make useful contacts."

Make Introductions

"Be proactive by addressing potential business associates directly. When people ask for help, introduce them to someone else you know by saying 'You should talk to @name.' You'll seem both knowledgeable and approachable."

Listen to Feedback

"Use to see what people are saying about you, your business and your competitors - you can receive some of the most useful criticism on Twitter when it's not directly addressed to you."

Use the hashtag tool

"If you have attended a conference or event, tweet about it using a hashtag symbol (#) in front of the keywords you use. You will be able to see every single comment relevant to the event that's been made by other users."


"When somebody else says something interesting, re-tweet their words to share them with your followers, preceding them with 'RT'. It's Twitter etiquette for "I respect what you're saying."

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