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Careers in a post-Covid world: take Stylist’s survey on work and ambition in 2021

Want to help us discover how women in the UK feel about work and ambition today? Take Stylist’s new survey and tell us how you feel about your career; the good, the scary and everything in between. 

We don’t need to tell you that working during a global pandemic has been a rough ride. For many, it’s meant weathering redundancies, being on the frontlines as a key worker or seeing your workload quadrupled as businesses streamline.

There’s also the fact plenty of us have also to do this from our kitchen tables – with noisy flatmates or homeschooling thrown into the mix, not forgetting our minds distracted by the health of our loved ones. We’ve risen to the challenge, but where has it left our ambition? What do our careers look like in a post-Covid world – and what do we really want from them? At Stylist, we want to explore the nuances of what motivates us in our lives and work right now and discover how the pandemic has impacted this area of our lives. 

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The first step in doing that, of course, is asking you, the readers, questions. To do that, we have created Stylist’s 2021 Work & Ambition Survey, where we invite you to tell us what you’re thinking and feeling when it comes to work and ambition right now; what you’re worried about and what still ignites a spark in you.

The pandemic has left no one – or their work lives – unscathed, and this is our chance to hear your story. We want to give voice to your struggles, fears and ambitions and, most importantly, hear about how it’s shaping your life to help us create the content you want to see.

With that, we encourage you to take the survey and share it among colleagues, friends and family. The results will be shared in forthcoming features across Stylist’s magazine and website so that we can help support you in navigating the next chapter of your career. Thank you.

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