Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams launches social media app to help creatives

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Susan Devaney
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Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams is set to launch her own app that helps other young professionals carve out their careers.  

Maisie Williams has certainly had a very fortunate start to her acting career having become known for her role as Arya Stark in the super successful Game of Thrones franchise.

Which is why the young actress wants to share her good fortune by helping other young people get their foot on the ladder by launching her own career-driven app, Daisie.

Due to launch this summer, the app will provide young, creative people with a safe space to network – without a follower count like other apps have, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“In the playground and on social media we have a real popularity contest,” Williams says about her new business. “With Daisie, the way in which your profile will grow is very different. It’s about a ‘chain’ that you make. To make a chain you work with other people on the app, you create projects together, and then you have a mutual link.”

Although Williams had a great start to her acting career at a very young age, she isn’t naïve towards how difficult it can be to break into a creative field without first having handy industry connections due to family and friends.

“The more chains you make, the bigger your profile becomes, so it takes it away from lots of people following one person,” Williams explains. 

Williams isn’t the first high-profile celebrity to branch out into the tech industry through apps. TV presenter and actress, Ellen DeGeneres, has three apps to her name: Ellen’s App, Ellentube App and Psych!

But, most of all, Williams hopes the app will not only help young people in the careers, but become an inspirational tool for young women.

“I hope to inspire other young women … I’ve surprised myself and I hope I continue to with the rest of my life,” Williams tells Sky News.

“I think maybe there’s just a knock in confidence for girls from a young age, and I guess I’m here to prove, there doesn’t have to be.”

Is there anything Williams can’t do?

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